Another World- A Harry Styles' love story

"I know you want me,"he told her as he slammed her on the table and got on top of her. He didn't care how much she cried and told him to stop. Leah is just a ordinary girl with ordinary friends (and a few haters) but how does her life suddenly screwed up and she ends up meeting One Direction!


11. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“Leah…” a male voice called out causing Leah and Beth to turn around

“…..J...Justin?” Leah asked shocked and looked at Beth to see that she was equally shocked

“Hey how are you?” He asked with that sexy smile of his

“I am fine…wait what are you doing here?” Leah asked and saw that Brandon was smiling at Beth

“I am an intern here….I realised it was the same school as you yesterday,” Justin replied with a grin

“Oh that’s awesome,” Beth chirped in “For how long will you be here?” Beth added as she peeked at Brandon who was looking at her causing her to blush

“Oh for like a month,” Justin said shrugging his shoulders.

“Ohk cool….you are totally gonna enjoy it here,” Beth said sarcastically

“It is that bad? Brandon asked with a cute smile

“Yep at least you guys are here to save us,” Leah said dramatically

 “Yess we are,” Justin said smirking

“So do you know where you are gonna be staying?” Leah asked

“erm some Senior 3 or sometin’,” Brandon said scratching his head

“Oh cool that is the Res next to ours,” Beth said “We will lead you there,” Beth added

“Kay we will see you tomorrow,” Leah said as they reached the Res

“Kay see you sweety,” Justin said as he pulled Leah in for a hug

“Bye Beth,” Brandon said and hugged her

“See you guys,” Beth and Leah said and walked to their Res

“OMG!!!,” Beth screamed as soon as they reached their room

“Okay calm down….ouch my ears,” Leah said rubbing her ears

“LEAH! There are boys in our school and we know them,” Beth said

“Yeah but we don’t know them personally…,” Leah replied

“Bitch don’t kill my vibe……besides you like Justin….TOTZ,” Beth said folding her arms

“NO besides you like Brandon,” Leah said blushing

“Not my fault he is hot,” Beth said sticking her tongue out at Leah

“You know what I am going to sleep,” Leah said as she changed into her sleep clothes

“Night,” Beth said as she also changed


 *The next day *

“Urg I don’t wanna go to school,” Beth said as she dragged herself to the bathroom

“Get your lazy ass into the bathroom and wash up,” Leah screamed as she got out of the shower

“Shit up,” Beth groaned as she hit Leah with toiletry bag

After they all finished they left for breakfast

“I am soooo hungry,” Leah said

“You are forever hungry,” Lily said

“Hey don’t judge,” Leah said pouting

“God save us….look who is headed our way,” Kelz said rolling her eyes

“Well Well look who it is…..the witch of the west,” Beth said as Sarah came to them

“I know you missed me,” Sarah replied causing her plastics to snicker

“OMG that was the lamest thing a person can say, yet you idiots laugh,” Leah scoffed

“Well you know they do whatever it takes to make their qeeun…me….happy,” Sarah said flipping her hair

“Yeah Queen of Loserville,” Lily said disgusted

“I am gonna take you girls down….You think you are soo coll well I am the coolest person on this earth and lousy people like you aren’t gonna ruin it for me,” Sarah screamed

“Woah calm down…we are not deaf like you,” Leah said wincing

“Yeah and get outta our way….we don’t have time for suckers,” Beth said and pushed past her.

“She is so freaky,” Kelz said

“Yeah I know….let’s just go and eat I am hungry,” Leah said as they went to eat.


*After school *

“Urg I am soooo tired,” Leah moaned as she fell onto her bed

“I know right….but THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!” Beth screamed and jumped on her bed

“So did you see Brandon today?” Leah asked Beth

“Yeah He sat with me during lunch and Justin asked for you,” Beth said wiggling her eyebrows

“Yeah whatever,” Leah said

“Leah come on….this is a good opportunity for you to get over Nico….oh and when are you gonna speak to you ‘friend’ again,” Beth asked

“Oh I am gonna speak to him just now,” Leah said smiling

“Ummm You better make a move or I will,” Beth joked

“Wait I am still trying to figure out from where I know him,” Leah said thinking

“Leah you are just paranoid….chill,” Beth said throwing a pillow at her

“Yeah maybe….anyways I should go and do my project,” Leah said getting up from her bed and grabbing her laptop

“You go girl,” Beth screamed

“Shut up,” Leah said as she closed the door laughing

Harry’s P.O.V

I checked my Twitter as I waited for Leah to log on to skype and there was as usual really funny yet weird tweets.

@Harry_Styles I LOVE YOU!!!


@Harry_Styles When are you coming to South Africa?

@Harry_Styles I wanna see you naked ;)

@Harry_Styles You are soo awesome

Just as I was gonna tweet Leah logged on to Skype.

“Hey you really did log on,” I joked

“Why were you waiting for me to or something?” Leah teased raising her eyebrow

“Maybe, maybe not,” I said smirking

“LOL let’s finish this junk,” Leah said with a slight blush

Naww she is sooo cute…wait what are you thinking Harry?

“You think I am junk?” I asked in a hurt tone

“No not you this project,” Leah said trying to make me feel better.

“But if you didn’t have this project….then I wouldn’t have met you,” I said getting hurt at the thought

“True that will be a down side of it….anyways I sure it wouldn’t have made a difference,” Leah replied

“What do you mean? It would have a made a difference to me…” I added

“It would? Oh I thought I am just wasting your time?” Leah asked

“No I am actually really happy to be helping you,” I added with a smile

“Oh thanks,” Leah added smiling back

“Yeah and when this project is over you better not forget me!” I said frowning

“Of course not….whenever you wanna chat I am here,” Leah replied with a cute little laugh

“Hey Harry did Leah log on as yet? Don’t forget we want to meet her,” Zayn screamed from downstairs causing me to put my head in my hands

“Who was that?” Leah asked

“That’s Zayn,” I replied with embarrassment

“Zayn?” Leah whispered to herself deep in thought

Oh I think she knows who we are…it’s fine though…I think

“I am actually talking to her now,” I screamed back

“Wow you people are loud,” Leah said blocking her ears as I heard the Boys running up the stairs

“Now remember be polite and don’t scare her,” Liam whispered to the boys but Leah heard and I saw she was holding in a laugh

“Hi there,” Niall said pushing me out of the way causing my chair to roll across the room

“Erm Hi….I am Leah,” Leah said trying to be polite

“I am Niall it is nice to finally meet you,” Niall said to Leah…..I have never seen them so calm before

“It is nice to meet you too,” Leah said as I rolled all the way back to the laptop

“Vas’ Happenin’ I am Zayn….And you are the beautiful Leah,” Zayn introduced with a wink causing Leah to blush

“ZAYN!,” Liam scolded as he hit Zayn on the arm “Hi there sweety I am Liam,” Liam said

“AND I am Louis as you know….we meet again,” Louis said narrowing his eyes

“Hi Louis…yes we meet again,” Leah said laughing

“Wow you are one of the first people who goes along with Louis playfulness,” Liam said surprised

“That is because I can relate to his behaviour,” Leah replied back laughing

“See I finally found someone who understands me,” Louis said happily

“It is really cool to meet all of you crazy people,” Leah said with a chuckle

“I feel sorry for you now that you met them,” I joked

“Why?” Leah asked

“Because they are the worst people a person can meet,” I said causing the boys to jump on me

“Okay don’t kill him….,” Leah said laughing

“We would have if you didn’t tell us to stop,” Zayn said

“And I Would…I Would,” Louis sang

“Louissss,” I moaned embarrassed

“What’s wrong Hazza….?” Louis asked fluttering his eye lashes

“So Leah….Where are you from?” Niall asked

“South Africa….Durban” Leah replied with a friendly smile

“Oh cool….I’ve never been there before,” Liam replied

“Yeah it’s really awesome,” Leah replied

Wow she’s friendly

“Okay everyone out Leah needs to finish her project,” I said trying to get rid of the Boy’s

“Kay see you later Leah,” Niall said in his Irish accent

“Bye Leah hope you project goes well,” Liam said with a friendly smile

“Kay thanks,” Leah replied

“Bye babe I hope you survive being with our mate,” Zayn joked earning a punch from me

“Chill mate I was joking,” Zayn laughed and left with the rest of the boys

“BYE Leah I hope you two enjoy yourself,” Louis said winking at Leah causing me to shove him out of my room

“I am sooo sorry about that,” I said turning red and hoped Leah didn’t see

“It’s cool they are funny,” Leah said giving me a cute smile

“You are really special if you can live through them,” I joked

“They are….,” Leah was saying before a male voice called out to her………

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