Another World- A Harry Styles' love story

"I know you want me,"he told her as he slammed her on the table and got on top of her. He didn't care how much she cried and told him to stop. Leah is just a ordinary girl with ordinary friends (and a few haters) but how does her life suddenly screwed up and she ends up meeting One Direction!


10. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Leah’s P.O.V

“Oh hi there,” The person said in a deep husky voice

“Erm hey,” Leah said nervously

He looks familiar

“My name is Harry Styles as I am sure you know,” ‘Harry’ said

Wait that name rings a bell

“Um Hi Harry my name is Leah,” Leah said politely

“Oh are you one of Mrs Jones students?” Harry asked

“Yeah I am….I am really sorry for disturbing you…I am sure you have many other important thing to do,” Leah blabbered nervously

“Nah don’t worry I am actually on break right now so it’s fine,” Harry said as he moved back so that his back was on the headboard.

Only then did Leah notice the surrounding by him. He was on an orange and black bed, above his head was a picture of him and two girls (most probably his mother and sister).

“Leah did you hear what I said?” Harry asked

“Uh sorry what?” Leah said blushing from embarrassment

“I asked when is…..” Harry said before someone screaming

“Pumpkin where are you?” The person said and Leah could hear someone running

“I am in our room Louis,” Harry shouted back causing Leah to flinch at his foreign accent

Pumpkin? Our room? Louis?

“Oh there you are Cupcake” ‘Louis; said as he kissed Harry on the cheek

Cupcake? Kiss on the cheek? I know what’s going on they are gay!

“Ohhhh who is this pretty girl?” ‘Louis’ said nudging Harry causing him to go red in the face “Harry are you cheating on me….because if you are I will kill you and the person who stole you from me,” ‘Louis’ said angrily

Yep they are gay…I was just proved right.

“No don’t worry he is just helping me with my project,” Leah said trying to save the very red in the face Harry. She didn’t wanna ruin their relationship

“Lou Bear where are you,” A female voice called

Lou Bear?

“I am in Hazza room baby,” ‘Louis’ replied

Hazza…is that Harry’s nickname? Baby? What is going on?

“Oh and I am Amanda by the way…..what is your name?” Louis asked Leah

“Oh I am…..” Leah said before getting cut off by a really beautiful female walking in

“Lou why did you just disappear like that?” The female asked as she pecked Louis on the lips

OMG what’s happening? Are they bisexual and having an open affair or something?

“Sorry I just came to check up on my Cupcake,” Louis said as he cuddled up to Harry. Who now realised how shocked Leah was and gave her a smile

“Hey who is this?....Is this Harry’s new girlfriend?” The female asked

“El I am helping her with her work!” Harry said blushing harder than before and Leah was also blushing

“Ohhh Harry blushing,” Louis said pinching Harry’s cheeks

“Oh God guys stop it…you are making her scared,” ‘El’ said giving Leah a smile

“I am Eleanor and you are?” Eleanor said politely

“I….I am Leah,” Leah said calming down a bit

“I am sooo sorry,” Louis said

Uh sorry for what?

“Uh Why are you sorry?” Leah asked confused

“You see I practically stay in this house and I know what goes on….so I am sorry you will have to work with Harry…I know he can be a jerk,” Louis said causing Harry to throw a Black pillow at her

“See my point” Louis said

“Lou stop it…you gonna scare her! I am sorry Louis can be,” Eleanor said glaring at Louis

“SUPERMAN,” Louis screamed causing Leah to wince at how loud he was

“Wait a quick question…what is his name?” Leah asked pointing at ‘Amanda or Louis’

“I told you my name is Amanda,” Louis said grinning like a small boy

“Lou stop!” Eleanor scolded causing Louis to pout like a kid “His name is really Louis…I am surprised you don’t know,” Eleanor said confused

“Know what?” Leah asked. Gosh these people confused her. Harry looked at Eleanor

“Nothing I gotta go see you later Leah…come on Louis,” Eleanor said

“Bye,” Leah told them

“Harry enjoy chatting with Leah and don’t try to flirt with her or anything,” Louis said laughing

“LOU GET OUT!” Harry said blushing and so was Leah

“I am so sorry about that Leah,” Harry said still blushing

“It’s okay they are actually kinda cool,” Leah said with a smile

“Oh now you make think so wait until you really get to know them,” Harry said rolling his eyes  

“Oh really?” Leah asked

“Yep…oaky let us get to work...before you get into trouble or something…..first question?” Harry asked as he grabbed a Coke from beside him and sipped it causing Leah to get thirsty

“Erm what is your cultural dish?” Leah asked

*Some time later*

“Leah Leah wherefore art thou Leah?” Bethany recited from outside

“Oh Beth I am coming now,” Leah replied

“Make fast I am hungry,” Beth shouted back

“Wow time went so fast…I didn’t even notice,” Leah said looking at the time

“Yeah I have a tendency of making people look track of things,” Harry said with a wink causing her to blush

“Yeah thanks so much for helping me,” Leah said with a smile

“You welcome and who was that calling you…they ruined everything I was enjoying helping you,” Harry said pouting

Wow he is cute…where have I seen him before?

“Oh that was my Bestie Beth,” Leah said

“Oh where are you going now?” Harry asked

“Oh dinner…hopefully it is good,” Leah sighed

“Why isn’t it always?” Harry said cocking his head to one side

“Nah not really,” Leah replied rolling her eyes

“I’m sorry….oh and nice shirt,” Harry said giving her a smile. The type that any girl would die for

“Yeah I gotta go now before she kills me,” Leah said

“Yeah…..I look forward to talking to you again,” Harry said shyly

“Yeah me too,” Leah said feeling her face heat up “Bye,”

“Bye,” Harry said and Leah switched off her laptop

“What took you 10 years?” Beth asked “Lemme guess you were speaking to your project boyfriend?” Beth said as her eyes sparkled up

“Who said it was a boy,” Leah said smirking

“Bitch you know how to kill my vibe,” Beth huffed

“Well I didn’t say it wasn’t a guy,” Leah said

“Oh was he hot? Was he? Was he?” Beth asked shaking Leah

“I won’t be able to answer that question if you shake my brains out,” Leah replied

“Oh sorry,” Beth said

“Yeah he was…but I seem to know him from somewhere….but I can’t remember where,” Leah said

“HEY! Who cares as long as he is hot…if you don’t want him I am here,” Beth said causing Leah to punch her arm

“Let us go and eat…yay it is chicken,” Leah said as she went to fetch her food.

“I need to go on a diet,” Leah said as she took salad

“The last time you tried going on a diet it never worked out remember,” Beth said

“Stop busting my bubble,” Leah scoffed as they fetched juice

“Sorry I was just telling the truth,” Beth said as they sat down

“Hey it’s not my fault I am addicted to food,” Leah said

“Yeah I understand,” Beth agreed

“Come let us go,” Leah said once they were done eating

“Oooo look we are getting Hot Chocolate today,” Beth said happily

“Yay…can we please go and get water from the fountain…this line is too long,” Leah said

They went to water and drank the water and when they were walking back to their rooms and heard someone call Leah…….

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