Another World- A Harry Styles' love story

"I know you want me,"he told her as he slammed her on the table and got on top of her. He didn't care how much she cried and told him to stop. Leah is just a ordinary girl with ordinary friends (and a few haters) but how does her life suddenly screwed up and she ends up meeting One Direction!


9. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


 “Hello, is this Leah speaking?” Justin asked through the phone

“Um yeah it is,” Leah answered back

“How are you doing…Did you reach as yet?” Justin asked

“Yeah we did,” Leah replied with a smile.

“Just wanted to see if you reached so bye,” Justin said in his kinda sexy voice…Wait what am I thinking.

“Um Bye,” Leah replied blushing at her thoughts

“See you tomorrow,” Justin said and hung up.

“Wait what did he mean by ‘see you tomorrow’,” Leah asked

“I don’t know you were the one who was talking to him,” Bethany said

“That was really weird,” Leah exclaimed

“Well who will be able to come to this dump lol,” Lily said laughing

“True….very true,” Beth agreed

“Maybe he his getting his hopes up…whooooo looks like someone has an admirer,” Lily said nudging Leah

“Yeah maybe lover boy wants to see you so badly he is even gonna have a imagine date with you tomorrow,” Kelsey joked causing everyone but Leah to laugh

“Not funny guys,” Leah said blushing

“Ncah why you blushing Leah are you honoured now that you got an admirer,” Beth said raising her eyebrows

“Shut the fuck up,” Leah said as she pushed Beth so hard that she fell onto her butt and her facial expression made everyone laugh

“S.A.L.T.S you gurls are crazy,” Kelsey said as she opened a piece of gum and threw it in her mouth

“Uh what does SALTS mean?” Leah asked confused

“Oh it’s a new saying instead of saying lol you say salts because when people say lol they are not really laughing out loud,” Kelsey said

 “So what does it mean?” Beth asked

“Oh it means Smile A Little Then Stop because that’s what people do when they say lol,” Kelsey said with a smile

“OMG that’s so clever,” Lily said

“Yeah I am gonna start using that,” Leah said

“Yeah and the other thing that I am gonna use is FOOD cause I am starving,” Beth said as she dramatically clutched her stomach

“Yeah me too,” Leah said as she walked to the door

“Come on the faster we get to the cafeteria the quicker we can eat,” Leah said as she rushed everyone out of the room

“Okay we understand that you are hungry but don’t rush us,” Beth said as she teased Leah by walking at a turtle’s pace

“Beth don’t talk so much you started it,” Leah said laughing

“Well Pssh…..That’s true,” Beth admitted as she started walking at a normal pace.

At the dining hall

“I am so hungry,” Leah said as she grabbed a plate and went to get food

“You said that a million times already,” Beth said as she also grabbed a plate.

“Yay we are having mac and cheese,” Lily said

“So like what do you guys do everyday at this place?” Kelsey asked

“Um go to school, do co-curricular or if you don’t have anything for that day you can chill, do homework etc,” Leah explained

“That’s cool,” Kelsey said

“Yep it is....kinda,” Beth said

“So is everyone done eating?” Lily asked

“Yep,” Leah said as she looked around the table

“So can we leave?” Beth asked standing up and walked to leave the cutlery.

“SO what do you guys do now?” Kelsey asked as she saw Sarah walk towards them

“Um sleep, chill go on facebook and twitter anything you want,” Beth said as Sarah came closer to them

“Hey bitches where do you think you are going?” Sarah asked as she and her plastics blocked the way

“Oh you know the usual place you can go in the places,” Beth said in a sickly sweet voice

“Yeah you know places like the SAHARA DESERT,” Leah said rolling her eyes

“They have that here?,” One of Sarah’s followers asked

“Yeah you just follow that hall down there,” Lily said

“Oh thanks,” She replied

“Idiot that is the toilets,” Sarah said as she pushed the girl

“Oh ouch,” She said rubbing her arm

“Can you please move so we can get past?”  Kelsey said glaring at Sarah

“No one’s stopping you from passing,” Sarah said as she folded her arms across her chest

“Well okay then,” Leah and Beth said at the same time as they pushed passed Sarah causing her to fall, because of her heels

“Hey what is your problem you made me fall,” Sarah screeched “And now I have to look up to you to see you,” Sarah whined

“Of course you look up to us after all we are awesome and everyone wants to be like us,” Leah said as she flipped her hair

“And now you can see how much we look down you and your little twits,” Beth scoffed

“Ta ta hope you choke on the next thing you eat,” Kelsey spat

“Yeah you and your plastics,” Lily said and walked away

“I am gonna get you for this,” Sarah screamed

“That’s what you always say,” Leah said rolling her eyes

“Yeah I am waiting for the day ‘you will get us’,” Beth said giving Sarah the death stare

“Arrrrrgggg,” Sarah screamed and stamped her heel.

Leah, Beth, Lily and Kelsey laughed as they walked past Sarah and her dolls.

“Now I can see why most people don’t like her,” Kelsey said as they walked into their room

“You don’t know the half of it,” Leah replied

“Yeah if you were us I am so you would have left this place a long time a ago just like how me and Leah wanted to,” Beth added as she jumped onto her bed

“Yeah I haven’t been through as much as Leah and Beth, but I still wanna kill her,” Lily said as she took a seat on her bed.

“Shame guys don’t worry we shall get rid of her together,” Kelsey said with a smile

“Yeah you know one place where I have my way is……my dreams so can I go and sleep?” Leah said

“LOL yeah Leah’s right I am quite exhausted,” Beth agreed

“Kay night see you guys in the morning,” Lily said as she walked over to her side of the room.

“Nightie night See yall tomorrow,” Kelsey said and walked over to her bed

“Please switch the lights off one time thanks,” Beth said as she snuggled into her duvets


Next morning

“Shh don’t make such a big noise,” Beth whispered to Lily and Kelsey

“Boooooooooo,” Beth screamed as she jumped on Leah

“Owwwww,” Leah moaned as she pushed Beth off her.

“Get up you have to shower and get to school,” Beth said

“Okay just now,” Leah moaned into her pillow

“Come on Kelsey is almost done in the shower,” Beth said

“Urg okay,” Leah said as she got up, grabbed her things and walked to the shower and knocked on the door

“Im coming out just now,” Kelsey said form inside. After a few seconds she opened the door and got out

“Thanks,” Leah said and went in

“Get dressed and let’s go,” Beth said rushing Leah

“Yeah I’m almost done hold your horses,” Leah said as she combed her hair

“Let’s roll bitches,” Leah said as she slug her backpack onto her shoulder.

At lunch

“Beth I missed you,” Leah said as she dramatically ran towards Beth

“Leah don’t leave me again,” Beth fake cried as she hugged Leah

“Really…do they always do this?” Kelz asked

“Yep,” Lily said not surprised

“Let’s go eat,” Leah said as she held Beth’s hand

“Ah man it’s beef stew,” Beth said sighing

“Noooo…and I am sooo hungry…let’s go and get a fruit,” Beth said and walked towards the fruit stand

“Kay we are gonna eat,” Lily said

“Ayt’….Beth now we have to separate again!!!” Leah screamed dramatically

“Oh no Leah let us run away together,” Beth said as she ran towards Leah and hugged her.

“OMG do they do this everyday?” Kelsey asked

“Yep get used to it,” Lily said taking a bite of her food

“I have two hours of Geography now,” Leah said

“Oh I am going to Maths now,” Beth said bored

“Okay see ya,” Leah said and headed towards her class

As Leah waited for the rest of the class and the teachers to finish class she read her book ‘Shadow Falls’

“Aww man I wanted her to end up with Lucas,” Leah sighed as she finished her book and put it back in her bag. When she looked back up students were already starting to pile up into the class.

“Okay class please settle down,” Mrs Jones, their Geography teacher said clapping her hands together

“Okay guys today you will be getting a new project to do and I am positive you will enjoy it,” Mrs Jones said happily “And for this projects you will need Laptops so I organized the school to get each of you your own one,” Mrs Jones added

 “Awesome,” One of the girls said as she fist pumped the air

“Jessica please pass out the laptops while I explain the project,” Mrs Jones said

“Yes Ma’am,” Jessica said and fetched the laptops

“So the project is to find out about the different cultures and ways of different places,” Mrs Jones said looking around to see if anyone looked bored with the topic “In order to do this I found people around the world who is willing to help you find out answers through Skype,” Mrs Jones said smiling as she saw everyone become more interested

“So I have chosen the people for you so you won’t have to stress and fight about that and if you don’t have a Skype account now…..Oh and I suggest you brainstorm ideas and questions before you start talking to them,” Mrs Jones said as started passing out the names

As soon as people got their names they started whispering and asking their friends who they got

“Okay people you have half an hour of the lesson left so you can start creating and brainstorming now,” Mrs Jones said as she finish passing it out “Oh and if you wanna come and use my classroom you can,” she added

Leah opened Skype and created an account she never really was interesting in anything besides Facebook and Twitter

Once she finished creating her account she started brainstorming. By the time she was done brainstorming school was over.

“Yay finally school is over,” One of the girls said as she grabbed her bag and walked out

Leah walked in her room only to have a pillow thrown in her face

“OMG what was that for,” Leah said as she rubbed her nose

“I was bored okay,” Beth said as she fetched her pillow from the floor

“How was Geo?” Beth asked

“It was fun we got a project with some person in this HUGE world,” Leah said

“OMFG is it a guy…is he hot uh uh?” Beth asked jumping on Leah

“Beth did you drink coffee or something and I don’t know I never see them….yet,” Leah said as she threw her school bag on the floor and changed out of her uniform

“Urg I hate these uniforms,” Leah said as she looked for something to wear

“Nice undergarments,” Beth said randomly

“I agree,” Lily said as she walked into the room

“You guys are weird but thanks,” Leah said laughing

“That’s why you love us,” Lily said as she put her bag down

“So Leah when are you going to meet this person?” Beth asked

“Soon maybe today,” Leah replied

“Oh so that’s why you looking cute?” Kelsey asked

“No it is boiling outside….and I wanna make a good impression,” Leah said laughing

This is what Leah is wearing:


“Sup mah chicks,” Girls screamed as they piled into the room

“Hey….Beth I am gonna go and start now,” Leah said as she grabbed her laptop

“Kay I will come and fetch you for dinner,” Beth said

“I will be in Mrs Jones class,” Leah said as she walked out the door

As she walked the class she plugged in her headsets and ‘Best Song Ever’ came on….Beth took her phone and downloaded it and forced Leah to listen to it. She listened to it again and had to admit it was really catchy. By the time the song was over she reached the class. She went in and logged onto Skype and had her brainstorm paper with her.

She typed in the person’s name and waited for them to appear….she didn’t really know what was happening because it was her first time.

After a while the person finally answered…………





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