Another World- A Harry Styles' love story

"I know you want me,"he told her as he slammed her on the table and got on top of her. He didn't care how much she cried and told him to stop. Leah is just a ordinary girl with ordinary friends (and a few haters) but how does her life suddenly screwed up and she ends up meeting One Direction!


7. chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Like I hate that bitch I am so sorry about Nico Leah,” Lily said giving her a hug.

“What the dick didn’t deserve someone as awesome as Leah,” Bethany said and joined in and we all had a group hug.

“It’s kay atleast I have my BFF’s here for support I am sure I will find someone better than him,” Leah replied in whatever voice and evryone laughed.

“ I hate this bus like when is our halfway stop coming,? Bethany asked since the bus was really stuffy.

“Hey who the fuck opened the toilets,? Leah screamed

“Yeah you guys know what a stench that toilet has,” Lily said

“Does anyone have perfume over here?” Leah asked clenching her nose.

“I do let me look for it,” Bethany answered back

They sprayed the bus trying to get rid of the toilet stink that was now ‘flooding’ the bus.

“I think I should go to sleep now I’m drained,” Lily said.

“Yeah me too I was a busy holiday and when we go to school it’s gonna be more tiring,” Leah replied.

“See you guys in dream land,” Bethany said as she let out a yawn.

Just then Sarah put her annoying music to play and put it on a high volume, she was playing a song by Justin Bieber and Ludacris-All around the world.

“Bitch please put your stupid music off you are disturbing everyone who is trying to get some rest coz we got lives unlike you, NOW PUT IT OFF,” Bethany told Sarah in her very strict voice.

“And what is if I don’t wanna,” Sarah said and put it on full volume.

“Slut please what the fuck is your problem you little skank,” Leah said as she grabbed Sarah’s music player and flung it across the bus.

“OMF what did you do that for that was very expensive you know since I don’t buy cheap stuff,” Sarah said as she got up to fetch her ‘very expensive’ music player.

“Ma’am please don’t walk on the bus since we are moving so take your seat now,” The bus driver said

“Finally she shut her nasty ass,” Lily said and she fell asleep again and so did Bethany and Leah


Some hours later

“Wake up everyone we are at our half way stop,” the bus driver said as the bus came to a stop.

“FOOOOD HERE I COME,” Leah screamed as she woke up and Bethany and Lily burst out laughing

“Sheesh aren’t I hungry from that long ride in this stupid bus like seriously,” Lily said

“I know right I have packed lunch but I don’t like eating while the bus is driving I need food like OMF as in Oh My Food,” Leah said as she held her stomach.

“Ay you guys are always hungry,” Bethany said rolling her eyes and laughing as they stepped out of the bus.

The three of them walked in a line to the shop and all of a sudden Leah acts crazy and starts walking like she’s a gangster.

“You idiot what the fuck are you doing,” Bethany said laughing.

They walked into the shops and started browsing what to buy.

“Ummm I think ima buy myself a Magnum, Woo the having a sale on the Monster 2 For 30 bucks man so I’ll but that, 2 slabs of chocolates, some bubblegum, a pie and a Coke,” Leah said smiling.

“Hey don’t you think you should keep some for the other customers,” Lily joked

“Harhar very funny,” Leah said                  

“Ohlala Look at those three hunks over there,” Bethany said as three really cute boys walked into the shop.

“Oh Bethany every guy you see is a hunk….although I will admit the one in the middle is really cute,” Leah said with a giggle

They finish pay for their stuff and was walking out and Leah opened her coke to drink when the guy in the middle dashed and coke spilled all over her outfit.

“I am so sorry about that I never see you there,” the guy in the middle said and the other two laughed and knowing Bethany she glared at them.

“It’s fine I should watch where I’m walking,” Leah replied

“No its not fine let me make it up to you by buying you another drink,” he said

And I don’t know why but I think I saw an evil sinister look in his eyes, but I’m not sure… 

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