Another World- A Harry Styles' love story

"I know you want me,"he told her as he slammed her on the table and got on top of her. He didn't care how much she cried and told him to stop. Leah is just a ordinary girl with ordinary friends (and a few haters) but how does her life suddenly screwed up and she ends up meeting One Direction!


13. Brandon Charles

Brandon Charles

Hey there I am Brandon…. I love making new friends… best friends name is Justin Lee Jacobs. He is really cool the only thing I don’t like is the way he treats woman and I am starting to think it is rubbing of on me.

We met these two girls Bethany and Leah…..Bethany is really cute and I kinda like her….Justin keeps bugging me to tell him but I won’t. Right now we are interns at their school and hopefully me and Bethany will get something going.

That’s all from me folks xP

See ya 


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