Another World- A Harry Styles' love story

"I know you want me,"he told her as he slammed her on the table and got on top of her. He didn't care how much she cried and told him to stop. Leah is just a ordinary girl with ordinary friends (and a few haters) but how does her life suddenly screwed up and she ends up meeting One Direction!


2. Bethany Kiara Smith

Sup niggas

My name is Bethany Kiara Smith.I absolutely hate my second name, so if you think of calling me Kiara I will give your balls in your hand..GOT IT!!!

I was never such a violent girl, but then I met ma BFF Leah. She was the one who made me like this, and I still don’t get how she puts up with that Slut Sarah’s bullshit. Like Leah is one of the strongest girls I know, but sometimes she is tooo soft. I still love her to hell.

I FUCKEN LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!! THEY ARE DA MOST PERFECT CREATURES ON THIS EARTH…LIAM PAYNE IF YOU CAN HEAR ME I FLIPPEN LOVE YOU!!!! I am dying to meet them, maybe someday Leah and I will end up meeting them.

My favourite colour is green and I love having fun. I just broke up with my boyfriend coz he like cheated on me that Dick Head. I love dressing up and partying just like Leah.

That’s it from meh Peepz…until next time

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