adopted by one direction

stacy and alex were best friends since they met in the foster home the day they were sent there . but one day will something go completely wrong and change there lives firever read to find out.


2. adopted

i lett them in and we talked for a long time likewe wer best friendswe even played twenty questions. but soon they said they needed to talk for a minuet so we let them talk in the hall. when they left i sat on the bed with stacy''do you think they'll pick us''she asked

''no not really there are tons of nicer funnier cooler and prettier girls here.'' i said sighing

''come on maybe they will pick us but you are right there are ..maybe your right lets go clean up the stuff from the movie marathon. i dont wanna hear them tell us were just another reject.''  she said getting up i sighed doing the same whats up with me and this sighing lately i guess its just cause of all the rejections

we walked over to the are where we were watching the movies i cleaned up the popcorn while she picked up the movies.

then we heard the door open and we saw 5 smiling boys and mrs.murray smiling as well.


''whats up'' i said looking back down at the popcorn

''mr .payne is adopting you girls''mrs.m said 

i looked back up and stacy dropped the movie letting it hit the floor with a loud thump

''your joking''stacy said shocked

''we both know i wouldnt joke about this miss.stacy'' she said smiling again and walking out of the room 

''why us'' i said sitting back on the bed

''what do you mean''niall asked

''out of all these girls why us '' i corrected myself

''cause you treat us like were not facing you were shocked at first yea but i would of been too but once we started talking you both treated us normally every other girl would put on a bunch of makeup and wear the nicest clothes ive ever seen aand act all fake but you and stacy were yourselves''harry pointed out

''oh that makes sense i guess uhm just give us some time to talk over about this and pack'' i said  getting up and heading back to a still-shocked-stacy.

they nodded and closed the door behind them 

''what were you thinking why would you mae it seem like we dont want this your always complaining bout hating how everyone rejects us yea well 5 amazing guys just asked to adopt you and your considering denying this oppurtunity trust me nothing bad will happ-'' stace said but i stopped her when she said that

''its not htat i think its gonna be bad its cause i thinkit'll be good'' i said playing with my charm    braclet

''w-what''she asked confused

''if its good we'll end up staying here i cant im totally gonna miss this place'' she embraced me in ahug

''dont worry at least were gonna be together and we can always come back here anytime .okay'' i nodded and we finished packing our clothes ,electronics(iphones and a laptop),and some stuff like makeup,pillows/bedsheets,hairaccessories etc. 

we walked out of the room and saw harry and louis playing with lily and erika harry had the little  cute blonde erika and louis had the brunette adorable child,lily .the rest of the boys were watching but liam constantley texting someone and zayn on a buisness call with simon but he was still watching the girls.

we walked up to louis and harry aka we walked up to larry .

we picked up our girls and gave them a big hug sitting with the two boys on the couch.

''why awe yooo wugging ushh  tooo bight'' lily said frowning

''shomething isnt wight ''erika said flipping her blonde  hair 

oh there lil kid talk

''uhm girls ,today we got a-adopted and we heard these guys are really nice so we --....'' selena started but couldnt finish cause the tears were coming down her face

''girls..were not coming back.'' i said as calm as i can without breaking down as well

''what do you mean you arent coming back'' erika said with the best 'big girl talk' ive ever heard her talk like she always would change the r's to w's

''we can only come back if we dont like the family and this might be our only chance with a good family but we'll come an visit but wew wont stay for more than an hour or two okay were gonna miss you girls soo soo much '' the hugged us reaally tight too now i started crying as well i noticed all the boys were giving us undivided attention .

''bye swissy'' they said at the same time crying like us we laughed at the idea of being called a type of cheese (sort of---swiss---)

''now be good - '' i said

''dont make mrs.murray mad - '' selena said

''AND DO NOT MAKE PANCAKES''we both shouted together which caused us three to laugh but the boys confused

we  hugged again and they ran up to their room

''they remind me of us always by eachothers side '' i wispered  then  smirked at the two best friends

once we couldnt see them anymore we started quietly crying but the tearss came out like a flood

selenas pov--------------------; i kept crying i couldnt stop they were the second people i met the day i came here it hurts to see them go almost as  much as if it was stacy leaving. i cryed into harry's chest i couldnt help it . i couldnt take it anymore

''ill be right back'' i said holding in my tears walking back up to our room.

 i ran to the area where my bed was i took the key from my pocket and opened the chest  up . i found a necklace and a charm bracelet stuffinf the other stuff in my purse i ran back downstair called stacy 

''my mom gave me this necklace when i was their age we should give it to them so htey can remember us'' i said trying to brethe but i didnt want to cry so it was hard to brethe.

''lena,thats the only thing you have left from your mom.''

''i have a couple others but this meant alot im giving it to them i need to '' she nodded and i gave her the second necklace


lily's pov-- it hurt me they were like my big sistter even though my real big sis is gone. now there leaving me too the only family i have left is erika.i will never forget them . i heard a knock on the door so i opened it .ther stood mty too sissies

''sissyyyy'' i yelled hugging them and erika came and did the same

''hey munchkins,we want to give you something to remmember us by''stacy said

''really ! wow its beautiful!''me and erika said as she gave erika the necklace and me te charm bracelet.

''there from my mom ut i want you two to have it take good care of it for me okay promise?'' sel asked we said okay

''oh and look we got matching necklaces and braclets.''she aid pointing to her bracelet and stacy's necklace we hugged them one last time and said goodbye once they left i said

''i want pancakes.''



stacy's pov----- i=me and selena ran downstairs saying byee to all our friends and mrs.m

''were ready''i said tothe boys in the living room

the nodded harry tookk selenas hand and liam stood by her the whhole way  i felt a bit jelous cause she had two member s of one direction fighting for her 

i looked down at the floor and kept walkingthen i felt some grab my hand i look up nd saw niall smiling at me i smiled back rested my head on his shoulder

                                                                     i love this new life

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