Camp Kiss and Tell

He licked at her bottom lips asking for entrance, she let him in and they deepened the kiss. He trailed his fingers up and down her thigh teasing her and he moaned. She felt him smile into the kiss. He laid her down on the tent bed and started kissing her neck. He went up and down until he heard her moan and sucked on her soft spot. She let out slight moan and tangled her hands in his soft hair


1. Katelyn Brown

Katelyn Brown

“JAKE, GET OUT OF MY ROOM, I HAVE TO GET DRESSED FOR SOCCER PRACTISE”, screamed Katelyn at her brother. Katelyn has long ginger hair, blue eyes, very fit and flexible, really pretty, very down to earth. Katelyn absolutely love sports and she hates it when her brother messes in her room, especially when she’s getting dressed. Katelyn took her soccer ball and threw it at her 7 year old brother.                     

“OUCH!” Jake screamed in pain. She grabbed her school bag and ran down the stairs.                                                    

“Katelyn you are 17 years old, you have got to stop hitting your brother”, said Katelyn’s mother.                                            

 “Tell him to leave me alone then. I don’t like hitting him, he just irritates me when he gets in my way and he knows I’m busy and already late, bye mom, bye Jake, tell dad I said bye when he wakes up”, shouted Katelyn, as she grabbed a cup of orange juice and ran out the door. It was a hot sunny day, with birds chirping cheerfully, Katelyn loved animals and everything to do with nature very much, if you asked her if she wanted to go hiking in the woods she will be more than happy(despite the danger). Whenever you see Katelyn, she will be doing some sort of sport, helping the community no matter how helpful she if, she will make some time for herself, by having fun and going to parties with her friends. She had soccer practise every Friday, before classes starts. On her way to soccer practise she met up with one of her classmates, Jenny.                         

“Hey”, Jenny said as she ran, for she was also late for soccer.

“How you doing”, asked Katelyn. “Alright”, replied Jenny.

At the soccer field, everyone was getting a bit worried, including the coach, because Katelyn was their best player on the team and always won with her around. “Oh, here you are Katelyn, we were getting a bit worried that you weren’t coming”, Said the soccer coach.                                        “Sorry”, Replied Katelyn.

The coach blew the whistle and the game was on, the coach blew the whistle after an hour and told them they did a great job. Katelyn scored 3 goals at this practise. In the shower room they got dressed. She went to her locker and took what she needed. She always kept a spare set of clothes and shoes in her locker for emergencies. Her locker had lots of pictures of her at her first soccer match and of her family and herself on different occasions 

Katelyn saw her three friends coming her way. “Hey Katelyn” they said. “Are you coming to Mac’s restaurant with us”, asked her three friends.                                                                 

  “Yeah, sure”, she answered. Mac’s restaurant was a restaurant next to the mall, where most of the Calisher’s students hung out. They all walked to Mac’s restaurant, as they walked they discussed sports. At the restaurant they took a seat at the booth in the back, where most of the Calisher’s high school students sit. They ordered a double cheese pizza, when they ordered their pizza, a boy named Jodash walked in. Katelyn has had a ‘crush’ on Jodash for a year now, but Katelyn thought that Jodash never noticed her and never will.

Oh Katelyn, lover boy just walked in”, Katelyn’s friends chorused.                                                                             

 “Shut up you guys”, replied Katelyn.                                      

“Hey Katelyn”, said Jodash, flicking his beautiful, blond hair with his hand, as he walked to the booth opposite of her with his friends.                                                                                 

  “Oh hi Jodash”, replied Katelyn blushing.                       

“Katelyn, you blushing”, her friends screeched softly.           

“Yeah whatever”, said Katelyn, blushing even more. Their pizza arrived and while they munched away, they saw from the corner of their eye that Jodash’s group was looking at them. They finished their pizza and went out of the shop. “Bye guys, see you’ll tomorrow”, said Katelyn.  “See you tomorrow”, they replied. As Katelyn walked home, she saw the most beautiful dress in the window, which was on sale. If was a stunning blue with a criss cross back strap and beautiful sparkles. She checked her purse to see how much she had. She had enough to buy it, she ran into the shop and bought the dress. Smiling happily she walked home. “Hey mom, hey Jake, said Katelyn as she hopped happily in the house.                                                                                       

“Hey Katelyn, how was school, you seem happy and what’s that in your hand”, replied her mom.             

“School was fine, I’m happy, because I bought this beautiful dress. Ain’t it gorgeous,” said Katelyn with a big smile.          

“It’s absolutely stunning, Katelyn,” said her mother looking at the dress. Katelyn went and grabbed a chicken and mayo sandwich that her mother made.                                   

  “Mom I’m going to shower and do my homework,” said Katelyn as she ran up to her room. Katelyn went to her room, put her dress into her cupboard and e-mailed her friends

From: Katelyn Brown

To: Kristy Woods, Rosy Parker, Emily John



From: Emily John

To: Katelyn Brown

Really, that’s awesome, what’s the occasion?


From: Rosy Parker

To: Katelyn Brown

Great, what colour is it?


From: Kristy Woods

To: Katelyn Brown

Send a picture, PLEASE!!!

Katelyn took out her dress from the cupboard and took a picture of it. She sent it to her friends.

From: Kristy Woods

To: Katelyn Brown



From: Emily John

To: Katelyn Brown

WOW, can’t wait to see you in it.


From: Rosy Parker

To: Katelyn Brown

It’s unbelievable, can’t wait till Jodash sees you in it.LOL!!!


To: Katelyn Brown

From: Kristy Woods. Emily John, Rosy Parker

Thanks, you guys are the best and Rosy you crack me up!!! Got to go, love you guys, mwahz!!!

Katelyn went and had a hot, relaxing shower. She came out of the shower and put her nightdress on. She went down for dinner. They had grilled steak. They had a long conversation about what her dad’s new project for work.                            

“The food was great mom, thanks,” Katelyn said as she woke up from her seat. She kissed her mom, her dad and Jake and told them goodnight.                                                             

“See you tomorrow,” she screamed as she ran up the stairs to her room.                                                                   

  “Goodnight you fish face, hope you have the baddest of dreams”, said Jake.                                                                 

 “JAKE apologise to you sister at once!!!”Katelyn’s mom said.   “Sorry”, mumbled Jake.           “Sleep tight darling”, said Katelyn’s mom. Katelyn hopped into bed and slept warmly.

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