Camp Kiss and Tell

He licked at her bottom lips asking for entrance, she let him in and they deepened the kiss. He trailed his fingers up and down her thigh teasing her and he moaned. She felt him smile into the kiss. He laid her down on the tent bed and started kissing her neck. He went up and down until he heard her moan and sucked on her soft spot. She let out slight moan and tangled her hands in his soft hair


3. Jodash Crayford

Chapter 3

Jodash Crayford

“Wake up sleepy head, said Jodash’s 6 year old sister, as she jumped on him. Jodash has blonde hair, green eyes, has a grin to die for and is a jock at school.                                               “Morning Jessica, did you eat breakfast as yet”, asked Jodash as he carried Jessica and played with her.                                         “No, I was waiting for you, so make fast I’m hungry”, replied Jessica.                                                                           “Okay”, he said as he woke up and went to wash his face.

“Morning mom, morning dad”, said Jodash as he played with Jessica and went downstairs to the kitchen. Jessica giggled as he tickled her.                                                                           “Morning son”, said his parents.                                                “Today I’m having football practise, and after that we going to play pranks on some of Calisher’s students.” He said with a silly grin.                                                                                               “Jodash, you still never stop with your pranks”, said his mom. “And I never will”, he said with a childish smile. He kept being silly and playing with his food and making Jessica laugh. He put his eggs on his eyes and Jessica copied him.                 “Jodash stop it, Jessica will copy you and do it the whole day”, said his dad.

“Got to go, or I’ll be late”, he said as he kissed Jessica on her forehead. He walked out the door, and took his bike out of the garage. He drove off, on this hot sunny day, with children laughing and playing. He couldn’t wait to prank everyone. He met his friends at the field and slapped them on the back.              “Hey Jodash”, everyone screamed, as he stepped in the field. Lots of people were there, including Katelyn and Selena with their friends to watch them practise. Now Jodash is one of the most popular guys at Calisher’s high school, hottest, makes everyone laugh. one of the bravest boys at school and really strong, He loves sports,  pranking people (which is his favourite), and really energetic.                                          “Okay, although this is not a real game I want you’ll to beat the Lions, show them what Jaguars are made of”, said the Jaguars coach. The game begins its wild; Jodash has the ball and is running to score. The crowd is wild.Yeeeeessss.Jaguars-1   Lions- 0.The game is over with Jaguars-7 Lions-5.               “You showed them”, said their coach, slapping them on the back. All the cheerleaders went wild cheering for them including Selena, Jodash catches a glimpse of her perfect face with the corner of his eye he flashes his famous grin she just smiles and takes of trying not to blush.  They all went showered got ready. They finished practise and went back to classes, Jodash never concentrate on what the teacher was saying. He and his friends went having a paper ball fight, one of the paper balls hit the teacher on his head. Jodash and his friends acted like they were busy with their work. School finished  and they went and sat down opposite the netball courts, just where there are lot victims for Jodash and his friends. They all ordered ice cups of juice, to cool them down.                                                    “Victim number one, behind me”, whispered Jodash to the group. He took a snake and slid it down the boy’s shirt behind him, when no one was looking. They stood up, walked went away from the boy and pretended to be deep in conversations, the boy felt something slithery in his shirt, he jumped up, screamed and took off his shirt, when he saw the snake, he screamed and ran away. Jodash and his friends hi-fived each other and was laughing so hard that their juices came out of their noses. Everyone was laughing at the boy After a few pranks, they went to Mac’s restaurant to Eat some pizza. After a filling meal Jodash and his friends had a disgusting burping contest. All the girls at the restaurant and stared and sighed at the sight of Jodash. He took off his shirt for he was hot, all the girls almost fainted by looking at his muscular body. As the boys walked they shoved and pushed each other as they walked to where they parked their bikes.                               “Bye guys, I had a great time”, said Jodash.                          “Yeah, see ya”, replied his friends. Jodash entered his house and Jessica jumped into his arms.                                            “Mommy, mommy Jodash is home”, she screamed. She missed her brother a lot, when he wasn’t home.                     “Hey Jessica, hey mom”, he said. He went into the dining hall sat down for dinner and told his family all about the day. They had mince lasagne for dinner. Jodash went upstairs to shower. He had a shower, finished change and was wiping his hair. When he heard a noise he walked towards the cupboard and Jessica jumped out and tried scaring him, he pretended like he died. When Jessica went to see what was wrong with him he caught and tickled her. He took Jessica downstairs and they watched TV. They had DSTV and Jessica wanted to watch SpongeBob Square Pants . He put the Nickelodeon channel on. They sat and watched SpongeBob, they laughed at the silly thing SpongeBob and his friends did. Jessica fell asleep on his lap. He carried her upstairs and put her to bed. He went back down and put the horror channel on, when the phone rang. He ran to the phone and answered                                      “Hello”, Jodash said with a puzzled tone, who will be phoning him at this time .                                                                      “Hey Jodash it’s David,” David replied.                                              “ Oh hey dude what’s up,” he answered back.                    “Just wanted to know if we are going to go to the next party?” he asked.                                                                              “Umm maybe who’s house is it at?” Jodash asked.                 “That chick named Jennifer,” he answered.                                 “Okay goodnight dude,” Jodash replied and put the phone down.

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