Camp Kiss and Tell

He licked at her bottom lips asking for entrance, she let him in and they deepened the kiss. He trailed his fingers up and down her thigh teasing her and he moaned. She felt him smile into the kiss. He laid her down on the tent bed and started kissing her neck. He went up and down until he heard her moan and sucked on her soft spot. She let out slight moan and tangled her hands in his soft hair


4. Eric Josephs

Chapter 4

Eric Josephs

When Eric woke up it was really sunny, the weather Eric loved. He got more energy on his solar panel when it’s sunny. He woke up 3 hours before school starts. He went to the bathroom washed his face and had a shower. He ran down the stairs and went into the kitchen. “Mom, I’m going to the electronics room. Eric has this room full of electronic things and all his experiments. He has sandy brown hair, greenish blue eyes, good figure and is kind of cute.                                          “You and computers, you never even have breakfast”, said his mom.                                                                                        “Aw man I... never mind what did you make for breakfast”, he asked sulkily.                                                                                 “ I made scrambled eggs and bacon,” she said dishing some into his plate. Just then Sarah Eric’s little sister, who was 5 years old came into the room.                                              “Mummy, I want more food,” she said as she went to hug Eric. Her mother dished her food she ran back into the living room.   “ Eric, I need a big favour from you,” said Eric’s mum.           “What’s the favour,” Eric asked as he grabbed some juice from the fridge.                                                                                      “ I need you to keep Sarah with you for a little while,” replied his mother turning to look at him.                                             “But mom, what if she touches anything I am going to be busy, You know I have dangerous equipment there”, he said.              “Take her or she is going to interfere while I get ready for the meeting, please”, said his mother in a pleading tone.                “Okay, Sarah, come on I’ll take you to my electronics room”, he said, in an annoyed tone.                                             “Yeeessss”, screamed his 5 year old sister, with a grin that makes her freckles show clearly.

His sister grabbed his hand as they walked to his electronics room .He told her not to touch anything. He walked into his special room and went to his computer. When by his computer, he began typing away at this experiment he is working on and ate at the same time. He turned to show Sarah something, when he realized Sarah was missing. He walked around and called her. He found her looking at one of the projects he made. “Sarah, here you are, I thought I told you stay near me”, said Eric.                                                                                      “Sorry Eric, I want to be just like you when I grow up and I’ll make all this things that you make”, said Sarah, smiling at Eric. “Okay, Sarah you can be like me when you grow up but first you have to listen to me and stay close by me when I’m working”, said Eric.                                                                           “ Are those fish alive in there,” Sarah asked anxiously.                “Yes it is, I am trying to see if they can still live in normal water as long as they would if they were in sea water, when they are in an environment way different than their home, the sea.” He finished his work and carried Sarah back to the house. Eric grabbed his bag and went to wait for the school bus.                “Bye mom, Bye Sarah see you later,” he screamed as he went onto the bus. He arrived at school and as he was going to class Jodash and his friends dashed into Eric mistakenly.              “ I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there,” Jodash said with a apologetic smile.                                                                        “ It’s fine, I’m okay,” Eric replied. He went to class, he had Art now. He got messed, because the paint was dry and someone was squeezing it and it squirted all over him.

The bell rang for lunch. He walked to the cafeteria. They were having Grilled chicken with vegetables, drinks and a whole lot of deserts they could choose from. Eric took the meal, a coke, a muffin and a mini milk tart.                                                          “ Hey guys,” he said as he walked and took a seat. “How are you guys,” he asked.                                                               “Good and you,” they replied.                                                     “Fine thanks,” he replied. They all spoke and laughed while eating. Lunch was over and it was time for class now. After school as he walked home he stopped and bought himself some ice juice, it was gone humid now.    

 “Hey mom, hey Sarah how was your day,” Eric asked as he walked up to his room.                                                                “Fine and yours,” his mother replied.                                      “It was tiring,” he said. He went and left his bag in his room. He went back downstairs.                                                            “Eric, Eric could you please take me to the park,” Sarah asked him giving him a wide smile.                                                    “Okay, go change and come,” he said.                                    “Yay, mum Eric’s taking me to the park,” she screamed as she ran to her room. Sarah came down and she and Eric walked to the park. She ran and went onto the swings. Eric heard screams, when he looked he saw somebody hanging upside-down from a tree.                                                            “What were you doing that made you fall upside-down”, he asked as he walked towards the child.                                  “JUST GET ME DOWN FROM HERE”, screamed the child. He helped the child down and went back to Sarah.
“Eric, I want an ice-cream”, said Sarah, when she saw all the children eating ice-cream.                                                        “Okay, what flavour do you want Sarah”, asked Eric. “Chocolate, chocolate”, said Sarah jumping up and down. After buying the ice-cream they went home.                                    “Hi, mom, we are back”, said Eric.                                    “Mommy, mommy, Eric bought me ice-cream”, screamed Sarah running to hug her mother.                                                  “How was your day sweet heart”, said her mom.          “Awesome, I had fun on the swings”, replied Sarah.                    “Mom I’m going to finish off my project”, said Eric walking out the door. He went to his electronics room and finished off his project, he had to create something with electricity use and light. He went back and had dinner, they ate roast chicken, with rolls and mash. Sarah had to go and bath, because she dropped sauce all over herself. After dinner Eric showered and went to finish his homework. After his homework he and he had a dream where he was a scientist trying to figure out the formula to make something that helps conservation and stop Global warming.



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