Camp Kiss and Tell

He licked at her bottom lips asking for entrance, she let him in and they deepened the kiss. He trailed his fingers up and down her thigh teasing her and he moaned. She felt him smile into the kiss. He laid her down on the tent bed and started kissing her neck. He went up and down until he heard her moan and sucked on her soft spot. She let out slight moan and tangled her hands in his soft hair


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 7

Settling down at Camp Billbalava


“Welcome to Camp Billbalava, I am J.Williams. Just call me Jacob. So first I want you’ll to grab a tent find a spot to put it up after I give you the names of those you are going to share your tents with, you’ll can ask the Camp Instructors to help you’ll if you can’t put it up,” Jacob said in his big booming voice.

“Let me introduce you to our Camp Instructors; Violet, the one on my far left, Jackson is the one next to Violet, Maria is the one next to Jackson, Jennifer is the one next to Maria, Lucas is the one on my far right, Lisa is the one next to Lucas, Steve is the one next to Lisa and Rico is the one next to Steve. Those are your Camp Instructors, please be patient with us, for there is thirty of you’ll for us to handle.”

“Leah, your father told me you brought your own tent and won’t be sharing with anyone, right?”

“Yeah I will be staying in my own tent,” she said with a smile.

“Katelyn you will be sharing a tent with Selena, Jodash you will be sharing a tent with Eric, Amanda and Britney, Matthew and Caleb. After Jacob told everyone who they will be sharing a tent with they all ran to put up their tents.

“Umm, hey Selena”, Katelyn said nervously to her tent mate.  “Oh, hey how are you?” Selena replied annoyed.

“So let’s start putting up our tent,” said Katelyn. “Okay,” she replied.

“Hey Eric, what’s up dude,” Jodash said giving him a slap on the back. “

Um hey, nothing much and you?”he said nervously.

“Excited I’m at Camp, we better start putting up our tent,” he replied grabbing a tent. They put up their tents after lots of struggling from Eric, who got tangled in the tent’s strings after they were done they saw Katelyn and Selena struggling to put up their tents, Selena didn’t know what  to do and Katelyn needed her help.

“Need help?” someone next to them said. They looked up to see Jodash and Eric standing next to them.

 “Um hey, how are you guys?” Selena said caught off guard, with Jodash’s dreamy looks.

 “Umm umm hhheeyy how aarre yoouu gguyss?” Katelyn stammered.

“Fantastic, thanks,” Eric replied.

“Awesome, looks like you guys could use some help with your tent,” Jodash said, picking up the tent string.

 “Yeah sure, thanks we are struggling,” she said appreciating their help. Jodash and Eric helped them put up their tents and they walked off back to the place where Jacob was.

 “So where‘s your tent?”, Selena asked, moving closer to Jodash.

“Oh it’s over there, next to the Oak tree,” he replied, pointing where his tent is.

“Oh really, mine is the one opposite that, in front of the Shrubbery bushes. “Cool, so it won’t be hard to communicate with each other,” he replied giving her a smile. Eric was busy playing with a Game boy while the others chatted to each other. “Thank you sooo much for helping us with our tent Jodash, you such a darling,” Katelyn spoke as she walked over to their direction.

“No prob, I don’t mind lending a hand,” he replied turning away from Selena to Katelyn.

“Uh um, now that everyone is here I’d like to tell you what you will be doing next, you will now go to dinner on your way in grab a schedule from the Camp Instructor at the dining hall door,” Jacob said startling everyone with his sudden message, in his big booming voice. They all headed to the dining hall Selena and Jodash still chatting and Leah was talking to Eric now, Katelyn was talking to a girl she met.

 “Don’t forget to grab a schedule on your way in,” said Lucas, the Camp Instructor. They all grabbed a schedule and went into the dining hall, for dinner they were eating macaroni and cheese.

“Um hey, may I sit with you guys?” Katelyn asked Selena, who was looking at Jodash, sitting with a group of boys she didn’t know.

 “Yeah, sure come sit down,” Selena told Katelyn.

 “Thanks,” Katelyn replied. They ate in silence and finally someone spoke and asked about camps around the world.

After a long silence.

“So is it your first time at a Camp?” Selena asked Katelyn

“No I’ve been to a few, but only in America,” said Katelyn.

“Guys it’s time to go back to your tents, so start finishing up your food,” one of the Camp Instructors announced. They all departed from the dining hall and they saw Jacob waiting for them.

“Okay guys now I want you to go and shower and change into your pyjamas the girl’s shower is behind the Yellow Wood trees and your toilets are there to. The boy’s showers and toilet is behind the Acorn trees. The boys are not allowed to go to the girl’s bathrooms and the girls are not allowed to go to the boy’s bathroom. If you are caught you will be in trouble,” Jacob said sternly in his big booming voice. “After you shower you must come back here for a Camp fire,” Jacob said smiling at everyone. They all went to their tents grabbed their clothes and went to the showers.

“Is this the showers, it’s so different from the other Camps I’ve been to,” Selena said inspecting the showers. It had a wooden door, inside was a pale pink, with 10 showers on one side and 10 on the other.

“What do you mean different?”Katelyn asked. “Well it’s looks so small but it’s kind of spacey and it’s nice,” replied Selena.

“Let’s shower or we will be late for the camp fire,” One of the girls said.

The boy’s showers were same like the girls, but only it was a pale blue. They all showered and got dressed into their pyjamas and walked to the spot where Jacob spoke to them.


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