Camp Kiss and Tell

He licked at her bottom lips asking for entrance, she let him in and they deepened the kiss. He trailed his fingers up and down her thigh teasing her and he moaned. She felt him smile into the kiss. He laid her down on the tent bed and started kissing her neck. He went up and down until he heard her moan and sucked on her soft spot. She let out slight moan and tangled her hands in his soft hair


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Off to Camp Billbalava

“I am so happy,” said Selena as she waited by the bus .As Katelyn ran round the corner of the bus she bumped into Jodash.                                                                                      “I’m so sorry, are you alright?”He asked as he helped Katelyn to her feet.

“I’m fine, just a little dazed,”

“she squeaked at the site of Jodash. Eric arrived last with his sister running and screaming after him.

“Don’t leave me,” she shouted. They all went onto the bus and realized it was loaded with people. Everyone was chatting and making jokes. At the far end of the bus Katelyn saw a group of boys putting something green down a boy’s back who sat in front of them. Katelyn went and sat in an empty seat and guess who sat next to her...JODASH!!!

“Hi, how are you,” said Jodash in his sexy voice as he flicked his hair with his hand.                                                               “Fine, thanks for asking,” Katelyn said, as she saw Selena sit in a space three seats in front of us. She turned back and looked at me in a mean, evil way.

“Why is she staring at me,” Katelyn thought.

 “Earth to Katelyn”, said Jodash.

“Huh sorry, my bad what were you saying,” Katelyn said blushing.

“I said, did you sign up or did it just come in your post-box?” He asked. “It just came in my post-box, I was shocked ‘coz I know I never sign up for anything”, I answered smiling at the thought that he is talking to me. Meanwhile Eric couldn’t find anywhere to sit.

 “Ahem come sit to next to me”, said the PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER, Leah!!!

“Oh okay,” said Eric shyly. All over the bus there were oohs and aahs and aaw man she never pick me to sit next to her from boys. Selena looked out the window and was shocked.
“It’s a swamp or something aaarrrrggg noooo, I can’t live in a swamp”.

“Stop being a Drama queen, It’s not a swamp it a forest,” said Katelyn laughing and so was Jodash.

“WHAT’S SO FUNNY, SWAMP OR FOREST I DON’T LIKE IT,” she said getting annoyed.

“Don’t worry you’ll get used to it I’m sure since you are gonna be here for 5 weeks,” said Jodash giving her his million dollar smile.

 “So what’s your name,” asked Leah nervously.

“Eric, umm do you know who is hosting this Camp by any chance,” asked Eric nervously shifting in his seat. “One of my father’s friends, no it’s his friends cousin yeah that’s it,” she answered him and gave him a smile.

 “Ok, have you seen the Camp before?” he asked her smiling back nervously.

“Yeah I did on picture but, because my father is too busy to take me, so now I’m going to the Camp,” she told him. Meanwhile Katelyn felt the bus slowing down, she first saw a broken down building which was in ruins and then she saw a big sign saying ‘WELCOME TO CAMP BILLBALAVA’.

“WE’RE HERE, HIP HIP HOORAY,” she screamed. There was a lot of excitement and shouting.




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