Camp Kiss and Tell

He licked at her bottom lips asking for entrance, she let him in and they deepened the kiss. He trailed his fingers up and down her thigh teasing her and he moaned. She felt him smile into the kiss. He laid her down on the tent bed and started kissing her neck. He went up and down until he heard her moan and sucked on her soft spot. She let out slight moan and tangled her hands in his soft hair


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10



“Aaaaaah” Selena screamed so loud that Eric and Jodash called from outside the girls bathroom.

“Selena are you okay,” Eric asked very worried

 “There’s a spider in my shower, HELP!”.

Jodash ran in the girls shower knowing that Selena is afraid of spiders 

 “Okay here’s a towel he put his hand in the curtain not looking at Selena because she was in her birthday suite (naked). “Thanks” Selena said embarrassed  she came out of the shower so that Jodash could go in.

“I killed it” Jodash said.

“She can be such a Drama Queen sometimes” Katelyn said wearing make – up that was a bit too much and a mini skirt. Eric’s eye’s popped open with embarrassment, because Katelyn was like a sister to him.

 “Uh Kaatelyn what what are you wear wearing?” He asked embarrassed. Selena and Jodash laughed

“You aren’t trying to be a trashy version of me are you?” Selena said amused. “Not even I wear that much make – up some of us are just naturally beautiful you know. She finished.

“Selena don’t you think you being a little mean” Jodash said giving Katelyn a sympathetic smile.

 “Oh I’m so sorry that totally came out wrong I didn’t mean to say it like that please forgive me Katelyn” Selena said bursting out in tears, she ran to her tent and zipped it. Jodash couldn’t resist Selena especially when she apologised and cried he ran after her.

 “She always gets her way no matter what” Katelyn said not surprised.

“Maybe she is really sorry and really feels terrible, you should give her the benefit of the doubt” Eric said.

“Selena are you okay?”Jodash said concerned.

 “Can I come in?”.

“Yeah” Selena said still crying. She had changed into a cute sweater and faded jeans.

“How could I say such a horrible thing to her, what was I thinking?” Selena said still crying.

“Don’t beat yourself up it happens” Jodash said sympathetically. He leaned towards her flawless face which didn’t have any make – up  and kissed her, it was an intense kiss, a passionate kiss like they never kissed before. Selena pulled away to take a breath.

“I love you, you know that right” Jodash said “more than anything” he continued.

 “I love you too” Selena said more happy than before.


“Why do you even put up with her Jodash, you saw how she treated me?” Katelyn said trying to change Jodash’s mind about Selena.

“ I’m addicted to her I can’t get enough of her, she’s smart, funny, witty and beautiful” he continued “I love her” Jodash finished embarrassed that he was actually having this conversation with Katelyn.

That’s all going to change Katelyn thought once I’m through with her the only person Jodash will think about is me.

“Hey Amelia wana hear the latest gossip” Katelyn said at lunch. “Sure but I already know that Amanda is pregnant so give me fresh gossip” Amelia said in a high-pitched voice.

 “Well basically I saw Selena kissing Jodash’s best friend David”.

“What no way this is good really good texts are gonna be flying everywhere ‘Head cheerleader makes out with boyfriend’s best friend’ ” Amelia said excited.

“Uh Katelyn thanks for the gossip” she finished. By the end of the day almost everyone knew about the gossip except of course Selena.

“ Hey Eric have you seen Jodash I didn’t talk to him the whole day?”Selena asked.

“Well after what you did do you really think your attractiveness will solve this problem” Eric said appalled.

“What! What did I do?” she asked stunned. Before she got an answer Eric walked away from her. Selena was confused and Katelyn was proud of how her plan worked so perfect.

“I told you she’s bad news for you” Katelyn said.

“I know I should have listened to you but this isn’t like Selena” Jodash said hurt.

 “How could she and with my best friend” he finished regretful. “She told me she loved me and I believed her”. Katelyn sat beside him and touched his knee

“Don’t worry she doesn’t deserve you at all” she finished moving closer. Jodash suddenly stood up

“I better get going it’s getting late” he said.

The next morning at breakfast the atmosphere was full of gossip and stares at both Selena and Jodash. Selena was still kept in the dark she had no idea what was going on. She then spotted Jodash coming in the dining hall with his group of friends as she approached them they all looked at her disgusted and ashamed. Selena leaned towards Jodash forgetting about the atmosphere and dived in for a kiss Jodash quickly moved away angry

“What do you think you doing” he said. Selena confused and embarrassed realising that everyone was listening to their conversation

“What do mean can’t I kiss you in public anymore?”she said genuinely confused. Jodash walked back to his tent leaving his entourage alone. Selena ran after him she unzipped the tent and went in not knowing that Jodash had taken of his shirt, she found it very distracting to talk to him when he didn’t have a shirt on

“What do you want Selena?” Jodash said coldly.

 “I wana talk, what’s wrong, what did I do?” She said.

 “You really don’t know do you?” he asked “Well for starters you kissed my best friend David.

“What! No! I didn’t where do you get this craziness from?” she finished shocked.

“Everyone knew about it except me of course” Jodash said hurt.

“How could you Selena, you said you loved me”. Selena burst out into tears

“I swear to you Jodash I didn’t kiss David, I would never do such a thing to you” Selena said crying heavier than before. Jodash knew when Selena lied and he knew that she wasn’t lying now.

“I’m so sorry Selena how I could have doubted you” he said regretful. Selena was still crying. He walked towards her with his shirt still off and all and wiped her tears she looked up at him and they began kissing which seemed like forever. Her stomach turned as his sweet lips touched hers.

“I love you” He said “more than anything” He finished.

 “ Now tell me who told you such nonsense, that I kissed David. David from all people, he annoys me I wouldn’t even think him”, she said furiously.

“Well it’s all over camp. It’s like the of kissing latest gossip”, he replied.

“I bet you it was Katelyn, she must be doing this to get back at me for what happened at Truth and Dare”, she said with a huff. “I’m certain she wouldn’t do such a thing, she’s not a ghastly person she’s just...”, he said not finishing his sentence. They both went to ask people from who they heard this nonsense from. They asked Eric who was having a conversation with Leah, they didn’t know who it came from. They did this until they finally came to Katelyn’s group of friends. They didn’t tell them who it was.

“It was Katelyn wasn’t it”, Selena said giving them a deadly stare. “There was a moment of silence and then someone told them the truth. “

She didn’t mean any harm she just feels rejected when Selena is around. She feels like when you and Selena are together she becomes invisible around you, you guys don’t care about her when you are together. I have a feeling that she really wana be friends with you guys”, Her friend said in a scared with a bit of jealously  tone. Jodash and Selena felt horrible when they heard this. They never knew Katelyn felt this way.

“Um thanks guy, sorry for making you guys tell us this”, Jodash said and they went for dinner.

“Oh my gosh, I never knew we made Katelyn feel like that,” Selena said in a shocked tone and looked as if she was going to burst into tears.

“Don’t worry we will sort everything out, sweetie,” Jodash said giving her a hug.

Selena smiled to herself thinking how Jodash knew what to say whenever she is feeling down.


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