forever and always

its about a 19 year old girl and her best friend and they love one direction! the two girls live to gether and go to collage one to be a vet and the other an EMT. the best friends grew up together. one day the won tickets to go to a one direction concert but.....? what will happened next?
Its based on the books the one.


1. WE WON!!!







authers note



im new to this kinda stuff so no judging ill try and post every day and sorry they  might be short chapters











adisens pov

my friend Kayla and i live together and we went to school together. one day i got home from school earlier then her and so i took a nap cuz i fell asleep in science class today. when Kayla got home she yelled ADISEN!! hurry call 5412305678 the radio station. if you or i are the tenth caller we win front row seats to one direction and backstage passes! she yelled. we called and i got the first answer and i won! me and kayla were so excited and jumping up and down but then kayla stoped. and then she looked sad i asked her whats wrong she siad it was in ney york we didnt have the money to fly over there and we had school but  then i said kayla we have break that month and then i remeberd ever since i was 6 years old i would but ten or fifteen dollors in a big jar and i had at least 40000 bucks we counted and i was right and so we were sooo excited to go see our favoraite boy band ever.





kaylas pov


when i got home from school i yelled for adisen so we could call the radio station to try and win 1D tickets and backstage passes. she got up and i told her so we called and adisen won the after we got the  off the phone we were jumping up and down so excited  then  we relized it was in nyc and we lived in oregon and we had school adisen asked wut was wrong and i told her then she got sad but then she smiled adisen sid that ever since she was six she would save her money and she said we didnt have schoool that whole month. then we counted her money and she had 4000 so we got really excited that we got to go meet our favoraite boy band ever we ran to our rooms to pack cuz we only had 6 days till we left we were so excited












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