forever and always

its about a 19 year old girl and her best friend and they love one direction! the two girls live to gether and go to collage one to be a vet and the other an EMT. the best friends grew up together. one day the won tickets to go to a one direction concert but.....? what will happened next?
Its based on the books the one.


2. the night before the trip

 adisen pov


1 more night till we leave for the trip to nyc me and kayla have are plane tickets we have the concert tickets were packed and we called are softball coach and were ready to go we leave in the morning im soo exited personally i think Niall is the best but kayla thinks liam is the best well off to bed and we leave in the morning i said to kayla so we both went to bed she went to her room and i went to mine it was about 9 when we went to bed i went into kaylas room like two hours later and she sound asleep but i couldnt sleep i was so excited  all i ould do was think what will happen at the concert and backstage maby iall would like me back mabey we will start dateing my eyes got heaver and heaver till i fell asleep 

adisens dream

it was after the concert we got to meet the boys niall and i made eye contact and we stadder when we talked now we were hanging out after the meet and greet and we were leaning in to kiss but then suddenly i head kaylas voice

end of dream

i woke up to kayla throwing pillows at me i looked at the clook it was 6:30 and our flight leaves at 7 so i got out of bed and quickly got ready and we were on our way to the air port we got ther at 6:45 and we borded the plane at 6:50 and then we took off on our way to nyc kayla and i bboth fell asleep the whole way there

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