forever and always

its about a 19 year old girl and her best friend and they love one direction! the two girls live to gether and go to collage one to be a vet and the other an EMT. the best friends grew up together. one day the won tickets to go to a one direction concert but.....? what will happened next?
Its based on the books the one.


5. the day before the date


its a day before the date we were going shoping we were so happy we went to rue 21 but before we did anything we promised our coach that we would run every  morning and we went to the gym to play volly ball and softball it was so fuun thats what ido when i need to get my mind of things but anyway back to the shoping we found these really cute drrrss at rue 21 and it was strapless and was a waterfall style and at head over heels we founf these realy cute skinny jeans the had holes in them and at american egal we found this really cute shirt it was corter sleve and it was white annd had pink writing on the back that said athlete and we found some really cute flats and heels the day was buysy but it was fun to hang out with kayla but it was getting late so we had to get to bed we  were so excited for the date tomorrow

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