forever and always

its about a 19 year old girl and her best friend and they love one direction! the two girls live to gether and go to collage one to be a vet and the other an EMT. the best friends grew up together. one day the won tickets to go to a one direction concert but.....? what will happened next?
Its based on the books the one.


9. kaylas dream

~kaylas POV~

we finally got in the air so I decided to take a nap.

~kaylas dream~

I thought we left new York adisen no we decided to stay an extra day but we were just on the plane no we weren't okay all the sudden my phone vibrates it liam he wants to meet with me for lunch so I get ready and im on my way there when I see these lights coming at me but I don't know what it is so and that's all I remember but I woke up in the hospital and liam and the boys were there and I see adisen she was balling so was liam I asked adisen what happened where I was and who I was and who all these people where. she said I was hit by a car I was in the hospital and she said this is liam your boyfriend niall my boyfriend harry our friend and zyan our friend and Louis our friend.            

adisens pov

kaylas dream

she couldn't remember any thing except me. I was still crying even when she woke uo I was so worried about her.

                                                                       kaylas pov

                                                                      kaylas dream

all of a sudden they all where gone and know one was at the hospital and know one was in that town I woke up screaming



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