forever and always

its about a 19 year old girl and her best friend and they love one direction! the two girls live to gether and go to collage one to be a vet and the other an EMT. the best friends grew up together. one day the won tickets to go to a one direction concert but.....? what will happened next?
Its based on the books the one.


4. concert day

adisens pov

its the day of the concert so we decided to get our hair and naills done then we went shoping more then came time for the concert we it started at 7 ad we got there at 6:50 and we got to our seats we were soo exceited we made signs and they sang our fav song little things and best song ever and rock me and kiss me and last first kiss and more then this and up all night  then it was time for the meet and greet we went to louis then zayn then harry then lian and then finally niall we hit it off and we got thir number we kida were like h...h..hi and we talk like that the whole time i kept ggetting lost in his eyes and his accent oh his accent he i soo nice and sweet hes not like one of those boys who just wanna have sex then leave he was more like i wanna be with u ur whole life type f guy theres not a lot of those guys in the world me and niall were going on a doubble date with kayla and liam in a few days so we talked for a while and wet back to the hotel we were there for a few weeks but we have to leave soon becuase we have a softball tounament then volly ball and then a swim meet then basket ball then track so we couldnt stay for ever but nither could they they have to finish their tour but we have a few weeks we all  do so thats better then nothing right so in two days we were going on a doubble date yay me and kayla couldnt decide wut we were going to wear becuase they wouldnt tell us what we were dong so we decided we would go shoping agian so we talk for hours about wut we wanted to do and we were day dresaming about the dates we wish we could go on tour withh then but their tour was only two ore month but we had to go back to pendleton in a few weeks we were sad about leaving in a few weeks but wwe were so happy about the date we finally decided to go to bed at like 3:30 in the morning

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