That night

A girl and a boy, whom loves each other deeply.
It's all about that night when he changed her life for ever. But will it be a bad or a good change and what will happen in the future?


2. Part 2 of that night.

As Avia was making her way over to the guy with blue eyes and brown hair, she was getting more nervous. She saw that the seat next to Mr Hottie was available and she gladly took the seat and sight, knowing that he would ask what was wrong. 

- Whats wrong love?

And you were right. 

- Oh it's nothing. 

She couldn't believe that Mr hottie was british which just made him so much more attractive. 

You decided to sight again.

- Oh c'mon, there clearly is something that's bothering you.

- Well it's just my day, that's all nothing big.

- Really, do you want to talk about it maybe somewhere more quiet?

- Yeah sure, i'd like to.

As you and Mr hottie was walking out you looked for her best friend Emmi, but nor her or her mr hottie was no where to be seen, so Avia decided not to think much more about it. 

As you and Mr hottie went to a dinner near by to talk you could not help to think about the dare which she now wouldn't go through with.

- So, how about we start of with introducing ourself? I could even start.

God Mr hottie is sooo caring if i could say so.

- I'm Louis Tomlinson.

Oh my. Louis, where have i heard that name before?

- Hi Louis, i'm Avia. 

So while she was going on about her day which happened weeks ago, but he didn't have to know that, right? Anyways while Avia were talking she made sure to show him some affection, so she made sure to touch his hands, such as holding or just touching him by "accident", he didn't mind it at all and he seemed  to be interested in Avia's day as well. 

- That sure was a rough day.

- Yeah, i'm just happy that the day is over so that i can celebrate it with sleep later. That would be perfect.

- I could not agree more with you. 

The small smile he gave you were like you had just gone to heaven, and you loved it.

- Hey how about we change numbers and we could i don't know hang out or something, or if you'd like just talk?

- Yeah i'd like that.

It had gotten late Mr hottie or as i should say Louis told me that he was in a band but he never told Avia the name of the band which she found a bit strange to be honest. But Mr hottie was such a gentelman, like he walked her to the flat she was shearing with Emmi and he kissed her goodnight. She had to admit that it was quite the passionate kiss she've ever had in a while and loved it. 

A few hours later Mr hottie came back and Emmi was still not home, it had gotten Avia a bit worried and she had texted her and called but she came straight to voice mails. 

But Avia and Mr hottie decided to watch a movie and both of them had fallen asleep in the middle of the movie, cuddle up to each other. 

End of flashback


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