That night

A girl and a boy, whom loves each other deeply.
It's all about that night when he changed her life for ever. But will it be a bad or a good change and what will happen in the future?


3. Avia and Mr HOTTIE!

After Mr hottie had left Avia found a letter sitting and waiting for her, well you know what happens.

Hi Avia.

It's me Louis, i wanted to ask you something and i did not know how. So anyways what i'm trying to say is...

Would you like to go out on a date with me?

And before you say no, i really want you to think about it and say YES. Oh and i'll pick you up at 8 o'clock and wear something pretty or nothing, you know choose whatever you want, but i prefer nothing... haha just kidding. Se you at 8.

Yours truly... Louis T.

(Skipping a few hours so you can read about the date) 

Avia was excited, but she really could of used Emmi's opinion on the outfit Avia was wearing for tonight. Avia decided on wearing this beautiful navy blue dress with golden sparkly heals, a simple black clutch. Avia's hair was beautifully put up in a successful messy bun and a nice simple makeup look.

It felt like ages before the doorbell rang and Mr hottie had shown up in black skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt and a black blazer.

- Wow, you look beautiful Avia. He said with amazement in his voice.

- You don't look to bad your self Louis. He handed me a dozen pink roses which happens to be my favorite flower.

- I'm just gonna put these flowers in a vase, I'll be right back.

I left towards the kitchen hoping that I could find a vase as fast as possible. After a few minutes if looking I finally found one and filled it up with water and put the flowers in.

Once I returned to Mr HOTTIE he was looking at some photos of me and Emmi, it had been hours since last and I could feel it that something was wrong, like a part of me that's not there anymore.

- So, we should get going now.

Mr HOTTIE said.

- Where are we going? I curiously asked.

- You'll see it's a surprise.



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