Your Just Perfect

Niall is taken into the world of dreams to go to xfactor it's only when he finds out that his best friend is pregnant. He returns back turing down the X-factor to help her out. But there's a surprise in this baby.


1. That Night 🌙

Allison's Party :Naomi's P.O.V 

"Woah I want some more alcohol Niall" I said smirking,think you have had enough" he said,"what makes you say that ?" I asked. I did feel a little tipsy but I didn't want to stop,"Oh I don't know maybe it's the fact that you look like a drunk skunk" I tripped over daintily. He helped me up grabbing my waist as if to be a super hero. I smiled and pushed my head closer too his blue eyes,just do it I told myself. Kiss Him. My eyes blurred and with a quick flash I was holding his ripped chest and my lips were pressed against his. In moments we were in the house making our way too a spare bedroom, I mean maybe I was 15 but only a year too younger and he was my best friend so he'd never tell. Once we had got to the bedroom he pushed me roughly onto the wall, and he whispered "are you sure you want to do this ?" He asked, I nodded and gave a little smile "I am sure" I muttered. He began to caress my body with soft kisses and he began to stroke my hair. He then unclipped my bra and took of my thong. He then pulled his own trousers off and then his rock t-shirt off. His abs looked amazing in the dim light. He grinned like he knew what I was thinking. He then ejected his penis into my vagina I groped is balls and ran my hands over his blonde hair as I screamed in pain but good pain. We were actually having sex on the wall not in the bed on the wall. By the time we had finished I felt free. Like my whole heaven had just opened and the gates had the name Niall on the, in swirly letters. I grinned and flopped over in bed.



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