Green Eyes of Immortality

Patrick O'Connor.
A mature vampire who is going it alone, forming his own Vampire House - albeit with the backing of the Vampire Council - and returning to High School.
It has been a long time since Patrick has interacted with humans, let alone gone to school, and he is eager to see how things have changed.
But will he find anyone "worthy" of joining him in immortality?


1. Prologue: I Am A Vampire

I Am A Vampire

My name is Patrick O’Connor, and I am a vampire.

That’s how Danté, my “grand-sire”, told me how to start this, but I don’t know what the significance is.

So I’m going to improvise from this point forward.

I suppose a good place to start is to explain what I mean when I say I’m a vampire. What I mean is…I am, pretty much, a monster.

I kill to sustain my existence (trust me, it’s difficult to keep people alive when you need their blood to stay standing), and I’m immortal. My abilities are enhanced – better muscles, faster reflexes, and a number of other superhuman things – but they are in turn weakened by sunlight.

On the subject of sunlight, it can only kill vampires in the first one hundred years of the vampire existence. Apparently it’s because the transformation doesn’t complete for the first hundred years, but hey, as long as you can survive that, it’s all good.

A few other myths to dispel are the whole cross, garlic, reflection and running water things. The cross doesn’t repel us, and nor do other religious symbols, and garlic is just a matter of personal preference. Personally, I don’t really like it, but Danté, the Italian that he is, loves it.

Running water? I have no idea where that came from. We love the water.

And finally, reflections. We do have reflections. We just prefer not to show ourselves that much.

And finally, vampires sleep. We eat. We drink. In fact, we act a lot like humans.

I think that covers everything about vampires. About how we just kind of…slip in, amongst human society.

So now – before I talk about myself – let me tell you about my “grand-sire”, Danté.

His full name is Danté Azrael Ombraspada, and he is the most important vampire in the world, despite coming from the most humble beginnings imaginable.

He has gone from disgraced tribe member to slave to the Firstbloods – the first vampires, who lost their “purity” over time. Only one is left now – and then King of almost all Vampire Houses.

If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is. Admittedly, he did do it in the span of a thousand years, but maintaining such power for four thousand years afterwards is rather…amazing.

And he’s the leader of this secret order called the Brotherhood of Shadows…I’m not really allowed to talk about that though.

I was turned by one of his “children”. By that I mean, someone he turned. So I’m technically third-generation.

We’ve had a few…rough patches. Especially when I harboured his favourite “child”. A young woman he had fallen hopelessly in love with, which he turned and then “lost”. By that I mean, another vampire group took her in, and turned her against Danté and his Council.

But that’s in the past.

Now Danté and I are wonderful friends – even if we were once more than that.

My sire is called Raphael, and he is, as previously mentioned, one of Danté’s “children”. When he turned me, I thought it was out of romantic love…turned it was fatherly love.

Raphael is a wonderful artist, and part of the Brotherhood of which I may not speak. Definitely a friendly guy, and he is very dedicated to those he considers family.

I used to love him – and I mean really love him – but now…now he’s just a dad to me.

So we come to…now. I’m spending time in my native Ireland, finally having got “permission” to form my own House.

But first, I plan to go back to school…high school, anyway. I look about twenty-four, but I can hide that. Meet a few people, make friends…

And quite possibly…invite them into immortality.

I think Danté would like that.

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