Green Eyes of Immortality

Patrick O'Connor.
A mature vampire who is going it alone, forming his own Vampire House - albeit with the backing of the Vampire Council - and returning to High School.
It has been a long time since Patrick has interacted with humans, let alone gone to school, and he is eager to see how things have changed.
But will he find anyone "worthy" of joining him in immortality?


4. Chapter 3: Study of Seduction

Study of Seduction

I rushed into the boy’s toilets, my bag catching on the door, making me panic for a moment, worrying I’d either lose some blood, or fall into a bloodlust and kill everyone in the school – bad idea on the first day.

Fortunately, my bag did not open, and I did not lose any blood.

When I reached one of the cubicles, I virtually fell onto the seat, ripping open my bag and pulling some of the blood from within it.

I was desperate…visibly desperate. I needed this blood…

For the first time since getting to school, I allowed my fangs to lengthen – “hiding” fangs is a clever trick vampires develop once their transformation completes – feeling them ache for the blood that awaited consumption.

I bit down…hard. It was nothing new to me. I had been doing it for the past 260 years or so. The feeling, though…oh, the feeling is always so wonderful. The way it trickles down your throat, warming the body, filling you with life.

It’s the second best feeling in the world.

The best? Well…I’m sure you can guess.

There was a knock on the cubicle door, and I started, dropping my (almost) empty blood-bag on the floor in the process. “Who is it?” I asked.

“It’s me, Daniel,” a familiar voice replied. My classmate. My neighbour. The Danté-like boy who had put me in this predicament. I hadn’t even known his name when I rushed out of the classroom.

I was, however, now more…alive, and I felt I could speak to him without…being overcome. Hurriedly picking up the blood-bag, I stuffed it into my rucksack and then unlocked the door.

Daniel must have heard the door unlock, as he pushed the door open. “You okay?”

I shrugged. “Yeah. I’m…I’m good.” I found it hard to reply, as if the thirst wanted to rise again – it didn’t, though. Instead, I found blood rising to my cheeks. Determined to distract myself, I asked, “Did Mr. Donnell send you?”

Daniel smiled, moved a strand of hair from his eye – rather seductively if you ask me – and leaned against the door. “No. I convinced him to let me make sure you were okay.”

“And you care…why?”

He chuckled. “Because…I see me in you.”

I blushed, remembering how Danté had said much the same thing…with a very literal meaning. “Oh…really? Well…I’m glad I already have a friend.”

Daniel smiled and held out his hand. “Come on, Paddy. You look fine now. Let’s get back to maths.”

“Maths? Really? Can’t we just…sneak into the library, or something?” I suggested, wanting to get to know my new friend.

Daniel shrugged. “I suppose. I have my bag…and your books.” He grinned. “Sure. Let’s go.”

He literally pulled me off the toilet – good thing I wasn’t actually going – and then proceeded to drag me through the school hallways until, eventually, we reached the library.

We stopped at the door, our hands still connected – I was unsure whether he was conscious of this – and then slowly headed in, managing to sneak past the librarian and into an office that, according to Daniel, was hardly ever used.

For the whole time, I felt both confused and excited. I was unsure of Daniel’s intentions, but here I was with a Danté look-alike who, I must admit, had captured my heart.

I was confident he would be my first “child”.

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