Green Eyes of Immortality

Patrick O'Connor.
A mature vampire who is going it alone, forming his own Vampire House - albeit with the backing of the Vampire Council - and returning to High School.
It has been a long time since Patrick has interacted with humans, let alone gone to school, and he is eager to see how things have changed.
But will he find anyone "worthy" of joining him in immortality?


2. Chapter 1: Second First Day Of School

Second First Day Of School

I walked to the school’s office, wearing a rather uncomfortable school uniform – although I must say, the colours were very nice – that was not incredibly flattering to my shape.

I was just thankful that the black slimmed me…and the green went with my eyes.

Sighing as I opened the door, I went to a small window that served as a reception. “Um…hello,” I said, my Irish accent nothing special here. One of the office staff looked at me, paused for a moment, and then stood up, moving to the window.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

I nodded. “Yeah. I’m meant to start here today, but I never got a tour. It was a last-minute thing.” The last bit was a lie, really, but it didn’t matter. “I don’t really know where I’m meant to go.”

The office-lady sighed. “Name?”

“Patrick Michael O’Connor,” I replied, hoping Danté had made up a short background for me – I’ve always loved his skill with…pretty much everything.

“Okay, this is you.” She went to her desk, rummaged through some papers, and eventually came back, handing me a sheet. “Take this to the room specified, tell them you need a timetable, and then go to the classes.” She stopped me as I was about to walk away. “You need to be on time tomorrow. The tutor period is now finishing.”

I nodded and left the office area, looking at the sheet. All I could see was a map – which was helpful – and a faint trace of backwards writing…

Oh…wrong side.

I flipped the piece of paper and saw a short list, and I guessed these were the lessons I had, as well as my personal details.

Let’s see…

English, Maths and Science. Yep. Typical. History…Danté, you sneaky bastard. Just because I was alive for the bits schools usually focus on nowadays. Textiles…seriously? It’s like he wants everyone to know I’m gay. Ugh…okay. Physical Education as a choice? Does he want me to expose my superhuman skills? Or is it just a “training” thing? I wasn’t very good with the Brotherhood…and finally…oh…Drama.

Yep…Danté wants people to know I’m gay.

I reached the room, knocked, and entered. “Um…hello. I was told to come here to get my…”

“Yes, yes, okay. Give me the sheet,” a rather old, unattractive woman said, snatching the piece of paper from my hand. She ran her fingers across the keyboard, and the printer – that I had not noticed – sprang to life, taking me by surprise.

No wonder Danté wouldn’t let me be an Assassin,” I thought, annoyed that a measly printer had taken me by surprise.

“Take the sheet from the printer and get out,” said the woman, looking down at her desk, as if that was all she really did.

I snatched up the piece of paper, which turned out to be a timetable, and noticed there was a map on this piece of paper as well.

“And take a logbook!” the woman snapped as I opened the door.

To my side I saw a pile of ring-bound books, from which I took one. “Thank you,” I said, receiving no response from the woman.

Shaking my head I left the room, took a look at the map, and then flipped to the timetable. First lesson: Maths.


I’m like a lot of people in the world. I…hate…maths.

Sighing frustratedly, I started walking through the school in search of the classroom, just as a bell rang, hurting my sensitive ears.

Within seconds, swarms of students appeared around me…

I hadn’t realised how many people went to this school. I was glad I wasn’t a “newborn” vampire; otherwise I would have lost control.

Keeping my composure, I joined the crowd, checking my map every so often to make sure I was going the right way.

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