If kids will be Killjoys

Killjoy story YAY okay, not a 1 girl 4 boys lets climb in each others pants kind of thing


2. The Sun and The Sand

Nothingness stretched into the horizon, empty nothingness.

The shallow footsteps of my hopeless friends filled the air. No-one spoke of the one thing on everyone's mind, water. We were going to die. It wasn't hard to except after everything that had happened that we were just dead flies in the summer time. Even The Grace in her young age had not complained or questioned why we hadn't eaten last night or why we didn't stop to drink.

Everyone wanted to find Party Poison now, He was our only hope. My brother, my sister, my life, they all depended on him.

"I'm just gonna say it" Riot's voice was dry and scratchy "What if we don't find this guy? What if he is in a worse state than us? What if he's dead?" I stop turn 180 degrees and slap him across the face, leaving my hand tingling. He recoiled into himself with his hand pressed against his sunburnt cheek.

"Why would you say that? After traipsing down the same road for three days why say it now, While everyone's at a low? We have enough trouble as it is so don't even think about it" He looks at me with apologetic eyes, I sigh, this is impossible "I'm sorry, I know your saying what we've all been thinking but you need to trust me, if this guy isn't real, I'll save keep you safe, I'll keep all of you safe, I promise" Theres a long silence before Riot nods "Now come on, let's keep going" I smile turning, scooping The Grace up in my arms, she clings to me like a koala and sucks her thumb and plays with my short scruffy purple hair. This was gonna be a long day.

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