If kids will be Killjoys

Killjoy story YAY okay, not a 1 girl 4 boys lets climb in each others pants kind of thing


1. Survivors

I don't know how it happened or why it happened or what happened really. All I know was one minute I was living in the city the next we were running. 

My name's Blood-Stained Blasphemy, you'll find out why sooner or later. There were 9 of us in the beginning; my brother Skeleton Dice, my sister Synthetic Animal, three girls named Honey Badger, Burning Ember and Monkey Wrench. Two boys, twins, became Riot and Shadow and a girl hardly older than a toddler became The Grace. A stranger told us we were something important.

We were split up, I don't know if my brother or my sister survived but I know that I'll find out, I wont give up until I do. I know travel with Monkey Wrench, Riot and The Grace, we were told to go to a man called Party Poison, apparently he is expecting us. I know if the rest have survived they'll find him too.


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