If kids will be Killjoys

Killjoy story YAY okay, not a 1 girl 4 boys lets climb in each others pants kind of thing


3. Blood

Darkness fell and we continued walking, no point stopping just to freeze to death. The Grace's grip tightened around me as she shivered,

"Let me take her" Monkey Wrench says "You've carried her all day" I shake my head,

"It's fine, she doesn't weigh anything" Wrench shakes her head "It wasn't a question, give her here" She places a hand on my shoulder and gives me a sympathetic smile, I let her take The Grace, she wasn't heavy but it felt good to walk with nothing holding me down, not that we got far.

The car came from nowhere, swerved and skimmed my side sending my flying to the ground, I smash my head against a rock and curse loudly,

"Holy... fuck!" I hear the car screech to a halt. I sit up slightly and touch the back of my head gently, feeling the blood there, that's not coming out in a hurry.

"Holy shit!!" Someone shouts in the distance, not a voice I recognize, then I hear The Grace crying and instinctively find myself on my feet. Never mind about the state I'm in I have to keep her safe. The blood is trickling down the back of my neck and a sudden realization of the wound at my hip sends me to the floor again, this time I land on one elbow, sending pain shooting along my arm, and roll onto my back.

"Poison, stop freaking out! Go get me the first aid kit and someone shut the kid up!" The grace immediately stops crying and runs over to me, she kisses my forehead and hugs me close,

"It's okay Gracie" I whisper "It's okay" A short skinny man with longish hair kneels next to me and looks at The grace,

"What's your name little girl?" He asks her, she thinks about it for a second,

"The Grace" She whispers,

"My name's Fun Ghoul" Fun Ghoul's smile is kind a gentle, The Grace sits back as a second man comes over, red hair covers his face,

"Here, anything else?" He's breathing heavily as he passes Fun Ghoul a box,

"Poison this is The Grace, can you take her and get her some water, keep her warm" The Grace looks hesitant and shakes her head,

"It's Okay, My name's Party Poison, I won't hurt you" I jump at the name, The Grace clearly recognizes it to and agrees to go with him.

"You.. We.."

"Shhh... It's okay, let me take a look at your head" 

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