The Only One

This is my entry for the Coldest Girl in Coldtown competition and I'll be working on it all through September.

Sydney is the last of them, the only one that was able to escape. Although she is still of their kind, she is different. She has no desire to kill to fulfill her needs or to expose herself through her own mistakes, but not everyone sees that. One fatal mistake lead to the re-discovery of her kind and The Hunters were born. Everyone has the alert eye, the news has their updates and The Hunters have their weapons, there is no time for wrong choices. The Hunters are difficult to run around, it's like you're trying not to step on a crack in the pavement and one foot wrong will lead you to extermination.
Sydney knows that she is the last of all of them and she is already on the run, but she is not alone. Colton is the only one that believes she is different and has chosen to stand by her side and he can't possibly imagine what would happen if they were tracked... can you?


3. You and I

  Colton grasped my attention and reached swiftly across my lap and took my forever freezing, white slender hands in his own pale palms. He raised my chin with one index finger, forcing me to gaze into his hypnotizing, gleaming eyes, filled with care, love and blissful thoughts, something that I have been missing for all this time. 

"Why are you so shy?" he whispered deeply, intensifying the huskiness of his voice, making me shiver with a slight feeling of unnatural warmth. 

 This is impossible. Creatures of my kind are immune to such a temperature. But what if it's something else? What if it's... an emotion?

  I bow my head once again, jerking my fingers from his capture and turning away from his tempting face. This cannot be.

"I'm sorry but... I can't handle this." I stutter, holding the back of my hand to my forehead in confusion. 

"Why Sydney?" he questioned softly, lowering his head to my level.

"It's not possible..." I mumble.

  Colton pushes my crimson strands from each side of my face and tucks them in one simple move behind my ears. He shakes his head in disbelief and chuckles quietly at his private, unknown thoughts. How can I just sit and impatiently wait for him?

  I take the chance and lean in, eliminating the space between our faces, our lips. As we touch, the sensation of an alive and pounding heart shudders through my rib cage, something that has not happened since before... this. I examine his grey eyes as their eyelids flutter in surprise. Then, as his eyelids finally resist, I decide to join him in the darkness of our minds. 

  Just the feeling of being alive makes me complete. In the whole of our existence, we all assumed that no such thing can ever happen, especially with the help of a human. After all this time, that is what I have believed and lived by, even though the urge to press my lips against his was tempting. Now look at me. 

  A few loose strands manage to release themselves from behind my ear and fall into my face, distracting our moment. A small burst of frustration flares inside my head and I grab them in the curl of my finger and pull them back into place, keeping our connection active. Colton steadily leaves my lips and settles himself into the crook of my neck, reuniting our hands. I bend a little towards him to experience his perfection all over again. Then it hit me.  

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