The Only One

This is my entry for the Coldest Girl in Coldtown competition and I'll be working on it all through September.

Sydney is the last of them, the only one that was able to escape. Although she is still of their kind, she is different. She has no desire to kill to fulfill her needs or to expose herself through her own mistakes, but not everyone sees that. One fatal mistake lead to the re-discovery of her kind and The Hunters were born. Everyone has the alert eye, the news has their updates and The Hunters have their weapons, there is no time for wrong choices. The Hunters are difficult to run around, it's like you're trying not to step on a crack in the pavement and one foot wrong will lead you to extermination.
Sydney knows that she is the last of all of them and she is already on the run, but she is not alone. Colton is the only one that believes she is different and has chosen to stand by her side and he can't possibly imagine what would happen if they were tracked... can you?


5. The Sudden Stop

  Mumbles and grumbles sounded from Colton as he slept, relieving himself from my sudden transformation. Since I have no driving experience, I have decided to think of Colton's Honda as a go cart, it makes it seem less intimidating. Every so often, green and blue road signs fly past the vehicle and I mentally note down our current location each time. For someone who has never taken to the road before, I believe that I'm doing quite well.

  After approximately a four hours, Colton began to stir and yawn to himself, alone in the backseat. His belt whizzed and whirred as he lifted his muscly arms up to stretch in the early morning sun. I straightened my back in my seat to see his awakening, the tight crushing of his eyelashes as he screwed his eyes away from the light, the perfect opening of his mouth as it formed a rounded yawn, the ruffling of his fair hands as they scrunched his gorgeous, golden locks. He finally blinked and met my eyes through the glass and chuckled, still in mid stretch. I simply laughed in reply.

"Are you alright now?" I asked, curious on the thoughts being processed in his mind.

"Um...yeah? I guess..." He trailed off.

"Do you remember anything?" 

"So many questions!" He exclaimed loudly, groaning helplessly as I giggled again.

"Answer it."

"Well, you had red lipstick all over your face and then you started shaking me. I don't recall seeing anything else."

"Red lipstick! Very funny Colton. Absolutely hilarious!" I replied sarcastically.

"What! What else would you have on your face!"

"It's quite obvious! I thought you were the smart boy.." I teased bouncily. 

"Stop!" Colton yelled.

   I threw the wheel round in circles, unable to perform an act of bravery. A small, black and white police car blinded us with the intensity of it's lights, forcing me to lift my feet from the pedals and watch through squinting eyes as the car whirled in front of our windscreen. Blaring sirens deafened us as a police officer marched to my door and flung it open.

"Get out!" He bellowed."


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