The Only One

This is my entry for the Coldest Girl in Coldtown competition and I'll be working on it all through September.

Sydney is the last of them, the only one that was able to escape. Although she is still of their kind, she is different. She has no desire to kill to fulfill her needs or to expose herself through her own mistakes, but not everyone sees that. One fatal mistake lead to the re-discovery of her kind and The Hunters were born. Everyone has the alert eye, the news has their updates and The Hunters have their weapons, there is no time for wrong choices. The Hunters are difficult to run around, it's like you're trying not to step on a crack in the pavement and one foot wrong will lead you to extermination.
Sydney knows that she is the last of all of them and she is already on the run, but she is not alone. Colton is the only one that believes she is different and has chosen to stand by her side and he can't possibly imagine what would happen if they were tracked... can you?


6. Prove It

  I was dragged from my seat and pulled through the door by a large, strong arm dressed in uniform. Colton was quick enough to leap out of the backseat before his door was rudely opened. The police offers grabbed us by the scruffs of our necks to the side of the road, completely ignoring the hollering of car horns and the shouting of disrupted drivers. 

  The police officers started to explain, jumbling their letters in an informal way but Colton still bothered to listen carefully. On the other hand, I muted their muddled conversation to concentrate on the scene that I was standing in front of. Two police officers had began to raid our car, scanning every inch with their professional equipment. Luckily, all the pouches had been drained of their contents as I finished with them while Colton was out cold. 

  Traffic had built up in just a few seconds, frustrating drivers and confusing those who could not see the action. Windows are wound down for the police to hear shouts of complaints and some had even locked up and left their cars to yell at us. 

"Did you get all that, Miss Bardin?" One of the police officers barked.

"Uh...yes?" I replied, intimidated by the revenge represented in his face.

"Would you like me to repeat?" His question was sarcastic.

"I'm fine, thanks"

  The officer turned to his partner to silently discuss our presence. Colton shot me with a confused glance. I shrugged, replying with the same emotion.

"So..." the second police officer began, confidently prompting us into talking.

"Have you seen any, you know...vampires?" the first one glared at us, adding emphasis to the last word while studying my reaction.

"Haven't seen any so far, Officer." Colton addressed them.

"What about you...Miss?" He gritted his teeth in my direction.

"The most that I have seen of their horrible existence is in the back of our kind's vehicles."

"Do you mind if we check you? It's what we do with all of the others we stop." Officer Two asked kindly.

"Of course we believe you though." Officer One pulled a fake smile, once again, looking at me while doing so.

 "Really, you don't have to do that. We fear those monsters for goodness sake!" Colton exclaimed.

"How about your excuse, Miss?" Officer One frowned.

"I can assure you that we are safe from their reach." I nodded, realizing that my lame excuse meant nothing.

  A look of darkness shadowed his eyes, suspecting my appearance and actions. Taking the role of an innocent human is much harder than it seems.

"Prove it" he growled.

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