The Only One

This is my entry for the Coldest Girl in Coldtown competition and I'll be working on it all through September.

Sydney is the last of them, the only one that was able to escape. Although she is still of their kind, she is different. She has no desire to kill to fulfill her needs or to expose herself through her own mistakes, but not everyone sees that. One fatal mistake lead to the re-discovery of her kind and The Hunters were born. Everyone has the alert eye, the news has their updates and The Hunters have their weapons, there is no time for wrong choices. The Hunters are difficult to run around, it's like you're trying not to step on a crack in the pavement and one foot wrong will lead you to extermination.
Sydney knows that she is the last of all of them and she is already on the run, but she is not alone. Colton is the only one that believes she is different and has chosen to stand by her side and he can't possibly imagine what would happen if they were tracked... can you?


4. Last Drops

  The wind hurries through the tangles of sharp, thin branches and bundles of mid season tanned leaves that has settled among the nests of twigs. There is no raging and roaring broadcasting from the busy motorway. There are no anxious calls or deafening screams escaping into the chilly autumn air. It is peaceful. I'm finally at rest without the haunting of the deaths that surround my people and I. I'm the only one left and I'd like to keep it that way.

 "Sydney! Where on earth are you?" 

  Booming shouts decided to sneak their way through the twisted wooden wings and blanket of crisp leaves to echo through my ears and slam me upright, startling me from my tranquility. I sighed loudly as I detect the exact point at where the yelling took place at.

 "Colton, I'm fine." I rolled my eyes.

"I don't care whether you're fine or not! Where are you?" He repeated his original question.

"Well you can hear me...." I trailed off, giggling at my own cheeky game.

"Are you seriously going to make me find you?"

  A laugh erupted from my mouth at his sarcasm. I heard him take in and blow out a large breath of oxygen and that is when I knew there was no time for playing games. If he comes too close, well, it wouldn't even take a genius to know what would happen.

"Just don't come near, Colton. It would save a life if you didn't." 

He sighed again. "Sydney don't play games, we need to get going again."

  I paused and began to think about his last sentence. We really do need to continue our journey. Scotland is still a few hundred miles from our current position and I have disturbed our route. I'm putting both of us in danger... 

"This is going to sound really silly..." I breathed heavily as I started to speak.

"Yeah we've still got a a couple of packets spare now come on!"

  How? Never mind. I wrenched away from the bushes, snapping twigs and crushing leaves with one footstep. Now that I have moved, I have only just realized how incredibly uncomfortable I was hiding from view.

  Colton stood at the side of his vintage Honda, his arms folded strictly over his chest, his hair slightly windswept to the left, a relieved but annoyed expression formed on his face. Oh no. I'm in trouble.

  I bounced up to him, flashing my award winning brash but innocent smile then skipping over to the boot of the car. I lifted the door up into the air and began to raid through our luggage, searching for the last two pouches that seemed to have buried themselves deep within our belongings. A warm hand brushed gently across my right arm and a tingling sensation fluttered down my spine. He wrapped his powerful arms around my miniature waist and rested his head on my bony shoulder as I continued to search.

 The sudden shock and need for the precious, toothsome liquid burst through my body, sending icy waves to shudder through my bones. I exhaled deeply and threw the thought to the back of mind like a human would carelessly toss their useless paper behind their shoulder.

 My hands finally come to close around the package and I immediately ripped the box open with the points of my nails. My fangs tore hungrily at the plastic, shredding the pointless zipper to minute pieces until the pouch was accessible. 

  I slurped noisily at the brim of the pouch, joy rippling through my entire body as the scarlet liquid fell onto my tongue. It took me only a few seconds to empty plastic pocket of it contents and I shivered with excitement. I span swiftly on one heel to spot Colton leaning tirelessly against the vehicle, draining slowly. I effortlessly sprinted through the wind to reach his side to shake his arms.

"Colton! Colton?" I screamed.

  A paralyzed look of terror spread on his face and he began to skriek and struggle in my unbreakable hold. I twisted the sleeve of his shirt around my wrist and licked at the sides of my mouth, savoring the last drops of my meal. He fell lifelessly back into my arms, his eyes angelic and peaceful as his eyelids drooped and finally closed. 

   I threw his resting body over my shoulder easily and yanked at the Honda's door, forcing it open with little strength. I spread his body over the backseat and joined up all of the belts, double checking that they were tightly held together. I slammed the backseat door shut and walked around the car to the drivers seat. I carelessly threw the door open and pulled it completely shut then span the keys hanging from the ignition and shoved the pedal to the floor. We were back on the road.

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