Arranged Marriages Suck

When you're forced into an arranged marriage with someone you consider your enemy what would you do? If Alexandria doesn't go through with the wedding her parents lose everything and as much as she hates them for the past she couldn't do that to them.

The night before the wedding Alexandria's best friend's Jasper and Soph drag her to a nightclub. She meets the famous Harry Styles.
What happens next is up to them but when everything goes out of control will they both survive?


7. Chapter 7

My eye brows creased together in confusion.

“About her…” He tried to clarrify. Did he mean my sister or about Shantelle?

“Who?” I asked him hoping for it to be about Shantelle and not my sister.

“Your sister.” He replied shyly. I took a deap breath, how could I tell him about her when I haven’t even told my closest friends? Last time I told my friend about Louise I lost that friend, yes that was Shantelle.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to. But I’m here if you need me.” He told me before pulling me into a huge hug. It was warm and comforting. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I took in his almost caramel scent.

“Her name is Louise and she passed away just over 3 years ago…” I told him and pulled out of the hug. He nodded for me to continue.

“She was my twin… Always was there for me. My parents sent her off to boarding school from the beginning, I don’t know why just her but they did. I never told any of my friends about her and when she was home for the breaks I would spend all my time at home and occasionally at friends places…” I let it flow out of me so naturally. I looked to Harry who looked so concentrated on what I was saying so I continued.

“We were all done with school and everything, about 3 months before our 18th she told me she was pregnant. I was completely overjoyed I mean I was going to be an aunty it was the best thing I could have imagined. Only I knew it would tear our family apart. Louise and I had agreed that we tell our parents together. A few days after our 18th she got into a huge argument with my parents and it slipped out of her mouth. They told her they would rather her dead than to dishonour the family with the bastard child…” I stopped and held back the tears that were threatening to spill.


“So she did what they told her to do. She took her life and her babies with her, I found her lying on her bed, wrists slit and blood covering the sheets. I tried all I could to save her but I just couldn’t, I got there too late.” I looked back to Harry and he had such a concerned and caring look on his face.

“So that’s what Shantelle meant out there by me dropping dead like my sister.” I shrugged trying to not let it affect me. I pressed myself up against one of the walls and slid down trying not to rip my dress in the process. Harry came over and joined me, placing an arm around my shoulder so I leaned into him.

“It will be okay.” He said softly as his fingers skimmed the exposed skin of my arm.

“Thank you Harry… Not just for this but for last night and well… This morning too.” I said in a whisper. He let out a light laugh and I did too.

“I was pretty great this morning wasn’t I.” And I could just tell he was smirking.

“It was amazing. You were amazing.” I told him honestly. “Too bad it can’t happen again.” I said sadly.

“Aw! But I was so looking forward to next time. I mean purely because I want to discover all of your tattoos and not rush everything.” He told me sounding hurt but it sounding like he was teasing as well.

“Well I’m married now… I take that seriously although I don’t know why it’s a sham anyway you look at it.” I said closing my eyes, leaning against Harry was so comforting that I just wanted to sleep.


“If that jerk gets to sleep around with Shantelle now that she has your permission then surely you could get him to agree with us?” Harry said. I shot up in shock. I honestly thought Harry wouldn’t want anything to do with me now, he risks everything. His career would be on the line if any of this were to slip to the media. “HARRY STYLES HOME WRECKER”. It would be everywhere.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s different for those two than it is for us. You have too much to loose if we start anything. It would create a frenzy if you were caught with a married woman.” I told him whilst shaking me head slightly and standing back up.

“I have more to loose if I don’t do anything with us.” He told me as he stood up as well. We were so close, his warm breath hitting my neck making me crave his touch. But I couldn’t do this.

I pushed him away from me, my hands on his chest still as I spoke, “Harry we CAN’T do this. You have to believe me I want to I really do want to but I’m not good for you I would only cause trouble.” Once I had said what I wanted I raced to the door, my heels clacking on the tiles, I unlocked the door and rushed back to the bridal table. My parents were there and once they caught sight of me they instantly smiled.

“There she is! Now it’s time for the toast’s!” My father said happily. The music stopped and everyone turned their attention to us.


My father began droning on about how he just knew Sean and I were perfect for each other from the moment we began to show interest in relationships. He made our story seem almost believable, well it would have been completely believable to anyone who wasn’t family. Through the speech I didn’t take me eyes off of Harry as he sat in his chair with a dull and obviously fake smile etched onto his face. He looked anywhere but me. I just wanted to be friends with him as much as it pained me. That’s all we could ever be until I could gain the courage to either a. kill Sean, b. get a divorce or c. break my thoughts on marriage and cheat. I think I liked a the best but b comes in second best.

Maybe I could get a divorce in a few months time, make it seem like we were happy to begin with but then start to argue with him all the time and make it out as a marriage that was stepped into too early. That would work right? The prenuptual would be effective in 2 months time, I could possibly go maybe 4 months of marriage with Sean. As my father finished off his speech I finally caught Harry’s gaze and that was when I made up my mind.


In exactly 4 months I will be divorcing Sean. I just have to convince Harry that a. this is the best idea, b. he just needs to wait and c. it will be worth the wait. Until then anything between Harry and I can not appear to be anything more than just friends no matter how hard it would be.

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