Arranged Marriages Suck

When you're forced into an arranged marriage with someone you consider your enemy what would you do? If Alexandria doesn't go through with the wedding her parents lose everything and as much as she hates them for the past she couldn't do that to them.

The night before the wedding Alexandria's best friend's Jasper and Soph drag her to a nightclub. She meets the famous Harry Styles.
What happens next is up to them but when everything goes out of control will they both survive?


5. Chapter 5

“So who was he?” Soph asked breaking the silence. I looked up at her frrom the phone and creased my eyebrows together.

“Who?” I asked confused.

“Curly from last night.” Soph reminded me.

“Oh him… Just a new friend.” I smiled. Soph raised her eyebrows at me as if asking me for the truth.

“Sure didn’t look like a friend.” Jasper smirked.

“And when would you have seen him?” I asked.

“Last night as you two were making out on the dance floor. Everyone saw it believe me.” He replied happily.

“Well we just went back to his house and talked then fell asleep in his bed, nothing more happened last night.” I told them. I wasn’t lying since it was this morning that I had sex with him.

“Okay well just make sure that this “nothing more” doesn’t happen again. You are going to be married in a few hours time. Next time you see him its just as friends.” Soph reminded me. I groaned at the idea of being married shortly.

“It will definitely have to be just as friends, next time I see him is in a few hours.” I smirked and mentally patted myself on the back.

“WHAT!” Soph and Jasper both screamed out.

“You invited him to the wedding!?” Soph asked sounding worried.

“No he’s going as a date for one of his mate’s friends. Apparently she has a thing for someone on the grooms table and according to Louis she isn’t trustworthy around the guy she has a thing for. So I guess if Harry didn’t go to the wedding she would find her way to have sex with the guy.” I laughed slightly. If that was the case then I wouldn’t be the only one who has had sex today.


“Harry! So I was correct at my guess of who it was!” Soph said in excitement.

“Yeah you were making out with his friend Niall although I doubt you can remember.” I laughed.

“I did? Seriously!” She asked going bright red and then she began to laugh.

“So that was the blonde boys name I pulled Soph away from last night.” Jasper said and then began to think.

“You did what! Oh my gosh how could you! You just ruined all my chances with falling in love with one of the most attractive men in the world.” Soph said whilst wacking Jasper on the arm repetitedly.

“Hey stop! If Alexandria over there becomes good friends with Harry then she can set you up with Niall anytime you like. God knows what the poor bloke saw in you but at least you know you have a good chance.” Jasper replied trying to get Soph to stop but it only made Soph angrier. She tackled him down on the bed and began to tickle him. Tickling Jasper was his ultimate weakness, he rolled and thrashed around but Soph didn’t budge.

“How dare you! Just because you find nothing of a woman attractive doesn’t mean you can say something like that!” She yelled and kept tickling him.

“Alright Alright! I take it back.” Jasper said with his hands raised in defeat. Soph rolled off of him and laid down on the bed.

“So what are you going to do once you get married then?” Jasper asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked in confusion.

“Well we all know this thing with Harry wasn’t just a one of especially by the way you just smiled when I said his name. So what will happen?” He explained to me, I thought for a second and realized I did smile at his name.

“I don’t know.” I huffed and slumped down into the chair.

“Well the house isn’t ready for you and Sean for another 3 months. So I guess you have 3 months to figure out you love Sean or if you love Harry enough to risk ruining everything your parents have worked so hard for.” Soph said before sitting up and looking at me. If I were to ruin what my parents have worked for they will most likely tell me what they told Louise. But if I stayed and lived out their perfect life for me I would be even more miserable than I am now.

Before I even had time to tell her about the prenuptual I’m organising there was a knock at the door.

“Come in!” I shout and we all stood up just as the door opens. It’s my soon to be in-laws standing in the door way.

“Don’t you look lovely.” Sean’s father, Mark said as they walked in the room.

“We should all be going now. Alexandria you’re sharing a limo with me.” Sean’s mother, Patrice says to me happily. This was my chance to convince her to convince Sean to have a prenup written up.


We followed them all down stairs, there was a photographer at the end of the stairs taking pictues of us as we came down one by one. After a small talk with my parents we all got in our respected limos and left to the church. My mother organised the church saying she wanted a traditional wedding for me.

“Are you happy?” Patrice asked me.

“Not really.” I replied honestly. She knew I didn’t want the wedding but she understood that I was doing it for my parents.

“You’ll learn to tolerate him after a few years. You know… She’d be proud of you.” Patrice said and pointed to her name that was showing. The dress really didn’t hide many of my tattoos. I placed my hand over it and thought of her, if she were here she would have convinced me to run away with her or something like that.

“I know… Thank you Patrice I’m so glad you understand unlike my parents.” I said to her.

“Anything for you. You’re like the daughter I never had.” She laughed a little.

“Patrice… I was thinking earlier… If this marriage doesn’t work out I have no way of protecting what the contract says once Sean takes full control of the companies. Maybe we need to convince him to agree to a prenuptual agreement.” I said hopeful she would agree.

“Oh dear thank god you brought that up! I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to.” She said relieved.

“So you agree right?” I asked her.

“Of course dear. Mark and I had one written up for us when we first got married. I’ll go talk to Sean when we arrive and I’ll get my friend Adam to go through with you what you want covered. We can have it all signed and finished before you say I do.” She smiled at me.

“You’re like the mother I should have had.” I tell her before pulling her into a tight hug.


A few minutes later and we arrive at the rather large church. I’m whisked away by my bridesmaids and taken to a room so I am not visible to any of the guests who have arrived. The room is loud, full of girls and everyones fixing things and eating. Mark went to go see Sean and Patrice went to go see her friend Adam. It might have been 10 or so minutes after and I was being pulled along with Soph into another room by Patrice, in the room there was an old gentleman with a suite. Patrice introduced him as Adam and then we got to business. It was fairly simple things set out to protect the business. I made sure that under no circumstances would my parents not be paid even when Sean becomes CEO. Once we were finished I signed and Soph signed as witness. Adam and Patrice went to get Sean to sign it and Soph and I went back into the busy room.

I lost track of time between then and linking arms with my father. We’re at the top of the isle now, everyone turned to face me as I make the final walk of freedom, well partial freedom. Sean has a smile on his face but I find it hard to look at him right now so my eyes drift around the huge church at all of our guests to this stupid wedding. There must have been about 200 maybe 250 people here, all of them believing this wedding to be genuine and full of love.


Just before I got to the end my eyes caught his, he looked magnificant in his suite and his smile looked fake but when he saw me his eyes brightened up. It was a genuine smile which faded when I was being handed off to Sean. In that small time Harry and I had shared an unspoken conversation. His eyes were pleading me to reconsider and I was pleading him not to feel that way. Who knew after a night and morning of being with him I could feel this way. My gaze was caught by Sean whose smile now is more of a conseeded smirk. He looked evil to me. I glanced beside me and saw Jasper to my left and then Soph and the other bridesmaids. I then glanced to Seans right and looked at his groomsmen, I began to go through each of them in a matter of seconds to figure out which one Harry’s date has a thing for.

David: No he’s happily married.

Leslie: Secretly gay.

Andrew: Happily married with twins.

Shameus: Secretly gay.

None of them would even look at another girl let alone sleep with her so who would it be? If anyone it would be David but what about his wife Bec? She’s so lovely, he’d be an idiot to ruin that.

My train of thought was broken by the priest beginning to speak and I realized I never asked Patrice if Sean signed the prenup.


My eyes raced around to the front row and fell upon Patrice who had a sweet motherly smile on her face. She noticed my gaze and gave me a nod. I sighed in relief and turned my face back to the priest. He kept rambling on and then we got to the part where the priest asks if there are any objections. I contain myself from shouting out and my eyes flicker to the crowd, particularly Harry who is biting his lip. I can tell he wants to object but I shake my head hoping he gets the message. No one objected and I was partially relieved but also dissapointed. Sean and I turned to each other as the best man handed us the rings. We said our I do’s and then there was lots of chearing and congratulations. Sean and I shared a small peck knowing that if we didn’t people wouldn’t believe that we are a happy couple. We turned to face the crowd and my eyes flickered to Harry. I then noticed the blonde he was with, she looked so familiar. I felt Sean slip his hand into mine and began to pull me down the isle. My eyes stayed on the blonde before she was out of sight and I was at the end of the isle. It was then I remembered where I had seen her and everything made sense.

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