Arranged Marriages Suck

When you're forced into an arranged marriage with someone you consider your enemy what would you do? If Alexandria doesn't go through with the wedding her parents lose everything and as much as she hates them for the past she couldn't do that to them.

The night before the wedding Alexandria's best friend's Jasper and Soph drag her to a nightclub. She meets the famous Harry Styles.
What happens next is up to them but when everything goes out of control will they both survive?


4. Chapter 4

“Don’t say anything. I’ll tell you later but my mother and the other bridemaids are going to be here soon and I need to look like I’ve slept here all night.” I told them before they could speak. They both nodded their heads in acceptance and moved out of the way so I could get passed them. I decided to go straight to the shower so I was nice and refreshed before my mother got here. I stripped off my clothes as soon as I reached my bathroom and started a really hot shower. Looking in the mirror I realized I was actually smiling for once without it being forced for anyone elses benefit. I hopped into the shower and began to look at my body.


I traced the outline of some bruises that have now appeared on my skin. There are 5 small oval bruises on the left side of my hips and I realized it was Harry’s fingers that made the bruises. I then placed my hand on the one tattoo I have that actually has a meaning behind it. It’s my twin sisters name, Louise, its placed on my chest just above my heart. I haven’t mentioned her to anyone before, not even to Jasper and Soph. When we were growing up my parents placed her in a country boarding school wanting to give her the best life they could. Every time she would come home for holidays I never once had Soph or Jasper over my place. I wasn’t ashamed of her or anything I was just sick of her getting everything I wanted and I was afraid that she would get my two closest friends too. She was the oldest by three minutes and although my parents refuse to admit it, I’m pretty sure she was the one that was meant to marry Sean not me.


When we were 17 and finished with school she came back to live with us permanently. It didn’t last very long, every day my parents and her would argue constantly, she never once said she ever loved them only that she hated them. I stayed out of it afraid to be forced to take sides. I was the one person Louise could talk to about anything but she kept the one vital thing from me. I should have picked it up, my twin telepathy should have been stronger than it was. I partially blame myself for not realizing how depressed she was. It was a few days after our 18th birthday when she took her life. Not only hers but her babies too. She was 3 months pregnant at the time, I was the only one who knew about the baby and we had planned to tell our parents together. I learned later on that she was in an argument with our parents that day and she accidently blurted it out. They told her that they rather she killed herself than to bring a bastard into the world and dishonour our family.


She took her life that day, me being the one to find her body in her bedroom. I have never forgiven my parents for letting her believe them. No one was told of the baby and they didn’t even bother organising a proper burial for it. I did that myself knowing that every soul should have a burial even those that were never born. I shook my head to stop thinking about that subject and let my mind wander to thinking about today and the marriage. I started to think of ways out of the marriage, anything to stop it or at least anything to protect myself. Then I remembered all of the law shows I’ve watched with bitter divorces. A lot of the wealthy couples got prenuptual agreements. I’m sure that would work for us. I could make sure that if we get a divorce, which is most likely, then I can keep Sean from disturbing anything in the business deal our parents have. I could be able to have my parents still receiving money from the company and I could make sure that I’m well off, I’m sure Sean would agree with it if I convince his mother of the idea. She’s the only one in his family I get along with so that helps with my plan.


I started listing what I had to do before this wedding went ahead and after about 6 things I noted in my head the water turned cold. I screamed in surprise and hatred of cold water. I guess my mums here. I thought to myself. Quickly turning to water off I jumped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel before stepping out into my room where my mother, Jasper and my 4 bridemaids were waiting for me on my bed. I ignored them and went to my closest, closing its door I quickly got changed into just a shirt and track pants since I’ll be in my dress soon. As soon as I left the closet they all began fussing over me pulling me down to a chair in front of a mirror and my mum began to do my hair while Soph did my makeup. The other 3 bridemaids, Julie, Sandra and Andria as well as Jasper were there on their phones making sure everything is perfect for today, that the dress will be on time as well as the Limo. I knew barely anything of the wedding, since I left Jasper and my mother to organise everything. Oh in case you’re wondering Jasper is my Maid of Honour. Yeah I know like the movie, except Jasper is really gay and isn’t in love with me.


After about an hour of sitting in the chair my makeup was finished and my hair was halfway done. I kept begging Soph to go make me a sandwhich with the lot but she kept refusing saying that whilst I eat I will mess my mother up. After possibly the 30th time of asking her she finally gave in. I was hungry and haven’t had anything all day so of course I needed something in me now or else I wouldn’t last the entire day. Whilst I waited for the sandwhich there was a knock out the front door and the 3 bridemaids rushed out of the room without saying a word except they did squeel. I had no clue what it was, it was either the dress or my father and which ever one it was I was not looking forward to it, since it would mean I was just closer to saying I do which freaked me out.


Moments later Soph came back in with the sandwhich and I devoured it pretty quickly. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment and I didn’t even mess my mother up with the hair. Another 5 minutes or so went by until my hair was finished. I didn’t bother to look in the mirror since knowing my mother it was perfect. She would have redone it if it wasn’t.

I turned around on the chair when there was a knock at the door.

“Enter.” My mother said sounding so very British. Through the door stepped my father holding what I guess was my dress. Great. So both the things I was dreading have appeared together.

“Hey darling.” My father said as he placed the dress hanging on the door to my bathroom before coming over and giving me a light hug.

“Hey dad.” I smiled at him even though it was fake.

“Oh Jasper your suit is in the loungeroom and Soph your dress is in the spare room.” My father said to them and just like that they left me there.

“Are you feeling excited about today?” My mother asked sounding giddy. I put on my familiar fake smile and looked at her before responding, “Best day of my life.” When really it was actually thesecond worst day of my life.


“Well I know Sean cannot wait for it too. Our baby girl is growing up.” My mother said. Ugh sappy, I mentally groaned.

“Come on dear lets leave her to get into the wedding dress.” My father said as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She nodded and they went to the door, although my mother stood there waiting for my father to be further away before turning to face me.

“There is something special in the bag over there for you.” She winked before leaving and shutting the door behind her. I looked around the room for the bag and then I spotted it. Pulling out the contents I realized it was delicate white lingerie. I literally shivered. Did she really expect me to have sex with that prick? I rolled them in a ball and shoved them in the back of one of my draws before pulling out the lingerie I had planned to wear. It was nothing special and certainly not something I would let Sean see me in. I changed into the lingerie before making my way to where the dress was hanging and unzipping the dress cover.

Looking at it I sighed happily. This was the one thing I loved about the wedding and that was it. I always wanted to be a happy princess in a white lace gown. I just didn’t think I wouldn’t be happy. After starring at it for a minute or so I pulled it out and stepped into it. There were no zips or laces on it so it was a simple pull on and then fix up my bust before I looked in the mirror.


I really did look gorgeous in it. The white lace material flowing smoothyl revealing all of my best features. I turned around and then looked over my shoulder. My back tattoo was on full display to anyone that stood behind me. That was all I looked for in a dress, white lace and showed off my tattoo.

There was a knock at my door, knocking me from my thoughts about the dress.

“Come in!” I said loudly. The door opened and in came Soph and Jasper. They shut the door straight behind them and then sat down on my bed just gaping at me.

“I have to get a photo of this!” Jasper said before pulling his phone out. I just stood there, probably looking like an idiot, in the first few photos before they started to make me laugh and do silly poses. Once we were finished mucking around I joined them on my bed and Jasper handed me his phone. Looking through the pictures I saw a few really good ones but my favourite was one of me looking over my shoulder, hand on hips, huge smile and tattoos on show.

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