Arranged Marriages Suck

When you're forced into an arranged marriage with someone you consider your enemy what would you do? If Alexandria doesn't go through with the wedding her parents lose everything and as much as she hates them for the past she couldn't do that to them.

The night before the wedding Alexandria's best friend's Jasper and Soph drag her to a nightclub. She meets the famous Harry Styles.
What happens next is up to them but when everything goes out of control will they both survive?


3. Chapter 3

An annoying ringing sound woke me from my peaceful slumber. I groaned in annoyance and rolled over in bed hitting a body beside me. I shot up in bed surprised by the precense beside me. It was then I noticed the curls and everything from last night came back to me. I hit him again to wake him up and this time he sat up rubbing his tired eyes. His eyes widen at the annoying ringing and he flips over, snatching the phone from the beside table and answering the call.

“Hey mate.” I heard him say and I looked around the room for a clock or something. My eyes landed on a clock at the other end of the room. 7:45am. At least I have another hour till I have to leave.

“Yeah mate you told me about that… What? Me?... Surely one of the other guys could take her… Why not you then?... Ugh fine I’ll take her then. Tell her to be ready by 12 then.” I heard Harry complain to the person on the other end of the phone before hanging up.

“Who was that?” I asked as I rubbed my eyes again.

“It was Louis you met him last night.” Harry said as he rolled back into bed.

“Sounded like you were complaining.” I stated hoping for him to tell me what it was about.

“Oh yeah he wants me to be his friends’ plus one. The rest of the boys are busy and he doesn’t trust her by herself when she has a thing for one of the groomsmen.” Harry told me.

“So shes going to a wedding then?” I asked intriuged.

“Yeah… Your wedding.” He stated. My head shot up at what he said.

“You’ve got to be kidding me right?” I asked hoping he was joking.

“No apparently she got a special invitation from someone on the grooms table and it had the option of a plus one so.” He shrugged.

“Right.” I said before I laid back down in bed.


“You know this could be fun…” Harry said lying down next to me.

“How could this possibly be fun?” I asked him feeling a bit irritated.

“Well it is your wedding so I can laugh at you in your wedding dress and we can watch as Louis friend, Sarah, drools over one of the groomsmen.” He said with a smile on his face.

“How old is Sarah?” I asked him.

“Uh… I think she is two years younger than Louis and a year older than me so 20.” He said tapping his finger on his chin.

“WAIT a second! You’re 19?” I almost screamed.

“So?” He asked nonchalantly.

“I’m 21… Holy crap I swore you were older than 19!” I gasped.

“I thought you were 30…” He teased. I elbowed him in the side and he let out a huge laugh.

“So you must have a thing for older women then if you seriously thought you went home with a 30 year old woman.” I laughed at him.

“Hey nothing wrong with liking older women.” He put his hands up in defence.

“Yeah I bet they would be good in bed. You know with all that experience they have.” I grinned.


I don’t know why but withing seconds he was straddling me and tickling my sides. I let out hysterical laughs and I wasn’t strong enough to stop him.

“Ple… Please… Oh my gosh… STO- STOP!” I screamed out as he kept tickling me. He stopped finally and rolled off of me, it was my turn to get revenge. I quickly stradled him and decided against tickling him. He raised his eyebrows at me and my lips formed a cheeky smirk. I leaned down and kissed him lightly, as I was pulling away his hands pulled me back in as he kissed me eagerly. The plan was going well. I smiled through the kiss and then I began to grind my crotch against his gaining a slight moan to escape his lips. The plan was definitely going well. He matched my grinding and I could feel him growing hard with each grind. I gave him a few more heartfelt kisses before pulling myself away and running out of the room leaving him there horny and frustrated.


I was in the lounge room and could hear footsteps coming down the corridor from his room. I laid down on the couch opposite the corridor enterance and waited for him to come into the lounge room complaining. His big mop of curls was the first thing I saw, then his eyes, then his lips, his abs and finally his quite obvious bulge.

“Did you really just do that to me, Alexandria?” His eyebrow lifted and a smirk grew on my face.

“Do what?” I played the innocent card.

“What you did back there to give me this problem.” He pointed to his crotch as he came closer to me. I looked down at his erection fighting against the material of his boxers.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” More innocence.

“Oh really?” He strolled closer to me.

“What is the time?” I asked him.

“It’s about 8 now, why?” He asked.

“Plenty of time for fun… I mean if you are up for it.” I lifted my eyebrow at him. His eyebrows creased together in confusion so I sat up and pulled his shirt off of my body revealing me there just in my underwear.

“But ah…” He trailed off as I stood from the couch and met him halfway across the room.

“I know you said you never sleep with a girl unless its been 2 months and well I know I’m getting married today. But wont you give me something to remember for the rest of the time I will be married to that jerk?” I asked him sweetly. He gulped as our chests met and I could tell I was getting to him.

“Uh…” He thought about this for a few minutes before a grin spread across his face.

“I’m sure we could make this work. Just this one time and then we’re just friends right?” He questioned.

“Of course. Just friends.” I replied before pulling him into a deep kiss. What followed was possibly the most amazing time I had ever had. We were completely and utterly lost in our own little world nothing could compare to it.


We laid there tangled in each others embrace as we came down from our highs. There was more to this than just a fuck it was passionate and caring.

“Whats the time?” I asked Harry as I snuggled into his side with one of his arms draped around my shoulder and the other on my stomach. He lifted his hand off my stomach and I could feel him searching for his phone I guess. I saw the light of his phone but was too content in my place to move at all.

“It’s nearly 9 babe.” He told me and his other hand returned to my stomach. He pulled me into him causing a smile to play at my lips and then I realized what he said. Nearly 9.

“Crap.” I cursed as I shot up out of bed.

“What?” He asked me as I started to search for all of my clothes.

“It’s nearly 9. I have to go get ready. Fuck I have my mum coming over mine at 9:30 with the make-up artist.” I remembered our plans and I didn’t have a car.

“Oh right… I’ll give you a lift home.” He offered as he stood up out of bed and grabbed a pair of clothes for himself.

“Where did my undies go?” I asked in a panic since I couldn’t see them anywhere.

“Here they are.” Harry said from across the room as a pair of black undies came flying towards me. I caught them and within minutes I was fully dressed waiting for Harry to get out of the bathroom so I could fix my hair.


“Finally!” I exclaimed when he exited the bathroom and I rushed passed him. As soon as I looked in the mirror I let out a relieved sigh, my hair was still nicely together and didn’t look like I had just cheated on my fiancee. I shivered at the thoughts. Fiancee. It still is such an odd concept even after 18 months of the engagement.

“Hurry up I don’t want to run into your mum when I look like this.” I heard Harry call out to me. I quickly splashed my face and wiped away any speared make-up before joining Harry out in the lounge room and realizing why he didn’t want to meet my mum like that. His hair was most definitely sex hair and it looked like he had just woken up after a night full of sex. I tried to hold in a laugh but failed miserably.

“This is all thanks to you. If you didn’t run your hands through my hair it wouldn’t be so obvious that I’ve had sex.” Harry said trying to sound annoyed.

“Oh please you loved it when I tugged on your hair. Besides just put a hat on and no one could tell the difference between sex hair or hat hair.” I told him looking around the room for a hat. My eyes landed on a fedora hat in the corner and I made my way to it before chucking it at Harry.

“Thanks.” He smiled at me.

“Lets go.” I said making my way to the door, picking my shoes up on the way. We made our way out of the building and into the black car from last night, now I realize it’s a range rover.


“That’s lucky.” Harry commented when we both closed the doors.

“What is?” I asked.

“The fact that there wasn’t any paps around just now. Means one of the other guys must have taken a girl home too.” He smiled at me before turning the keys into the ignition.

“It must have been the blonde one… Uh Niall was it? Maybe he took Soph home. I mean you did say the other guys were taken so…” I said thinking about what I will be asking Soph when I see her at the wedding.

“Yeah it’s Niall. So is Soph that was the one you were dancing with last night right?” Harry asked trying to remember correctly.

“Yep that’s her. Oh I cannot wait to tease her at the wedding. Her date will be sick of hearing about this by the end of the day.” I smirked and then told him my address.

Although Soph’s date is a nice guy, he seems like he is obsessed with her. Always trying to get her to settledown with him. She only is taking him as the plus one so she isn’t alone. She says she always gets emotional at weddings.

“So how many tattoos do you have?” Harry asked me out of the blue.

“Sorry what?” I asked turning my head away from the window to look at him.

“Your tattoos. How many? I saw about two but then again I was a bit busy.” He smirked at me.

“Oh… Uh I have 13 actually. Which ones did you see?” I asked him curiously.

“The little turlte on your hip and I saw the tip of one on your back.” He looked at me for a second before his eyes were back on the road.

“Was the one you saw on my back a rose?” I asked.

“I think so.” He said.

“Yeah its like this wicked back tattoo I have it goes from my bottom right side of my back up to the left side of my upper back, theres two skulls as well.” I smiled as I remembered the long trips I made to the tattoo shop just to get that one tattoo, having to slow my breathing so they could do it properly.


“A full back tattoo? Woah. The largest I have is a butterfly.” He said before turning left and then right.

“It was maybe my 3rd one I got and any of the ones afterwards didn’t even hurt compared to it.” I told him and looked out the window realizing we were only a few minutes from my house. We remained silent for the rest of the ride and luckily when we got to my place the only cars there were Jasper and Sophs.

“So I guess I’ll uh… See you at your… your wedding.” Harry coughed awkwardly.

“Yeah I’ll make sure to save you a dance.” I smiled at him as I opened the car door and hopped out. He was about to say something to me but I shut the car door and rushed off to my house. As I reached the door I turned to wave goodbye to Harry but I realized he had already driven off. I heard the door open behind me and I turned around to see Soph and Jasper standing in the doorway with their arms crossed. It was as if they were waiting for me to explain where I had just been.

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