Arranged Marriages Suck

When you're forced into an arranged marriage with someone you consider your enemy what would you do? If Alexandria doesn't go through with the wedding her parents lose everything and as much as she hates them for the past she couldn't do that to them.

The night before the wedding Alexandria's best friend's Jasper and Soph drag her to a nightclub. She meets the famous Harry Styles.
What happens next is up to them but when everything goes out of control will they both survive?


2. Chapter 2

The bartender came over to us and we ordered our vodka shots. A few or maybe 6 shots later we both got up and began to dance as our bloods were pumping. Soph and I were grinding against each other for about 3 songs before I felt someone grinding against my back as I grinded against Soph. Soph was turned around by a blonde guy behind her just moments before I was turned around to meet a curly haired guy with a smirk playing at his lips. He didn’t say anything but started to grind against me again with his hands resting on my hips so they went in rhythm with his hips. My face was partially shocked and I turned my neck to see Soph and the blonde grinding away happily. I gave in to the temptation and began grinding against the stranger. It was my last night of freedom I can go out with a bang. Literally. I don’t know how long we were there dancing/grinding against each other before it turned into a makeout session in the middle of the dance floor but he was an amazing kisser. He squeezed my ass a little and I let out a little moan into his mouth. The mystery guy pulled away from me completely before placing a hand on my cheek softly. His smirk from before has turned into a real smile as he looked me over again but his eyes landed on something and widened. I looked down and realized he had seen my ring. He pulled his hand away from my cheek and I placed my hand behind my back to hide it.


He looked back at my face and frowned. “You’re married?” He yelled over the music. I shook my head. “Then why the ring?” He yelled.

“Engaged.” I muttered before looking at the ground. I was sure he was going to walk away right then and there. I haven’t met many guys that were willing to have sex with an engaged woman. But this guy didn’t move an inch. I looked back up at his face and his smirk was back again. “I’m Harry by the way.” He yelled and placed his hand out. I shook it before replying, “Alexandria.”

“So what brings you, Alexandria, an engaged woman to a club only to make out with a complete stranger?” He asked before motioning for me to walk with him. I followed him not really thinking about it. “It’s my last night being free I guess. I want to go out with a bang.” I shrugged at him. We walked to a part of the club that was partially hidden and the music was quieter here so we didn’t have to yell.

“So you want to just fuck a guy tonight only to get married tomorrow?” He asked me.

“I guess.” I shrugged again.

“Well I wont be that guy.” He said. I looked up at him confused. Just minutes ago he was grinding against me, kissing me, and now hes telling me he wont fuck me. Harry needs to learn how to not lead a girl on.

“Oh?” I quetioned.

“Well I was really looking for a girl that I wouldn’t just fuck and ditch I guess.” He shrugged this time.

“So then why lead me on like before?” I asked him.

“I don’t know. That always seems to be the best ice breaker at a club. It was either that or I came up to you while you and your friend were taking back shots. I didn’t want to ruin that.” He smirked before looking down at his feet.

“Right well if that’s all then I guess…” I began awkwardly.

“Tell me about him.” Harry blurted out suddenly.

“Who?” I quiered.

“The fiancee. The man you love enough to marry but not enough to be faithful.” He snickered.

“I don’t love him.” I muttered.

“Then why the marriage?” He asked seeming genuinly interested.

“Its been arraged since the moment our parents found out our gender.” I shrugged at him.

“Surely you would have a choice though.” He rationalised.

“Not really. If I don’t marry Sean our entire company goes down the drain. I couldn’t do that to my family.” I told him.

“But if you had the choice you wouldn’t marry him?”

“Course I wouldn’t marry him. He’s a dickhead to my best friend, he values his precious hookups more than me. Heck I would probably kill him after less than a day of being married to that prick.” I hissed at him. I wasn’t angry at Harry I was angry at Sean.


“Fair point. Well look my mates are probably wandering where I am so uh… Did you want to come with me?” He asked me nervously. What would he have to be nervous about? Here is this amazing god standing in front of me being nervous about asking a girl to come with him to see his friends. Or maybe he was nervous because he thought I would say no, me having a fiancee and all. I caved and followed him to a table where three couples sat drinking and laughing. When they noticed mine and Harrys presence they all turned to us with huge smiles.

“Uh everyone this is Alexandria. Alexandria this is Louis, Liam and their girlfriends Eleanor and Sophia.” He said motioning to the two brunette guys with very gorgeous girls sitting on their laps. “And that’s Zayn and his fiancee Perrie.” Harry said and then pointed to the third couple. The name Perrie rang a bell in my head and I looked at her before my eyes widened.

“Of course I know Perrie! Such a huge fan of you girls, honest.” I said letting a bit of my fangirling to show. She giggled at my behaviour before giving me a warming smile. “Wait but isn’t she engaged to that guy from the gay boy band?” I directed the question to Harry.

“Well you clearly aren’t that much of a fan of Little Mix if you didn’t know that that guy, from the ‘gay boy band’ as you put it, is Zayn.” Harry replied with a smirk on his face.

“Well I am a fan of Little Mix but their personal lives are their own business not mine.” I said confidently.

“You still haven’t caught on have you?” Harry asked me. Everyone else was already back in their own conversation.

“What?” I asked.

“You just so happen to be speaking with one of the guys from that ‘gay boy band’. Oh and your friend from earlier is making out with another one of the guys.” Harry explained and pointed off in a direction behind me. I turned my neck and followed where he was pointing to. My eyes landed on Soph and the blonde guy from earlier making out against the wall. I turned back to Harry who had a huge smirk now.

“Well I guess you aren’t gay then.” I muttered.

“Dam straint im not gay. I wouldve thought you recognised me at start I mean everyone knows about the curls.” Harry replied cockily.

“I’m sorry I’m not interested in that kind of music you sing.”

“I guess so then. Well anyway we’re called One Direction and its Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall and I.” Harry said as he pointed to each of them. So blonde guy is Niall.

“I bet you get all the girls then.” I replied with my eyebrows raised.

“They wish. We never do one night stands and I never sleep with a girl unless I’ve been dating her for more than 2 months.” He replied seriously.


“Alright I believe you.” I laughed at him slightly. He bit his lip and looked to his friends and then back at me.

“You want to get out of here?” He asked me hopefully.

“Yeah sure.” I smiled at him. I grabbed my phone out and sent Soph and Jasper a quick message saying I will see them tomorrow and not to worry about where I’m going. Then I followed Harry outside and into a black car. We put on the radio loudly and before Harry put the car into drive I faced him and asked, “you aren’t drunk right? So you can still drive.” He nodded his head. He didn’t seem drunk so that was good too. The entire way to his place we sang completely out of tune to the songs that were playing on the radio. Once we were inside his apartment I collapsed on the couch and he went to make us a coffee. A few minutes later he brought out two cups of coffee and I gladly took my one.

“So whats going to happen when you marry Sean tomorrow?” Harry asked as he sat down beside me.

“Well… We both move into a house his parents are buying for us and learn to put up with each other.” I shrugged before taking a sip of the coffee.

“What if you back out of the wedding?” He asked.

“Then my parents stay broke and never speak to me again.” I told him.

“But what about love? You already told me you hated the prick so I doubt you will ever really love him. Why don’t your parents understand you want to find love not a business deal?” He rationalised with me.

“As far as my parents are concerned he’s the perfect guy for me and hes nothing but sweet. He has tricked them into believing his innocent act when really he’s just a timebomb waiting to explode.” I said and took another few sips.

“How would he explode?” Harry sounded interested.

“Well… If I’m not careful enough or say the wrong things he ends up punching something that’s close like a pillow, the wall or a table.” I shrugged.


“What if he ever hit you?” Harry asked and then blew on his hot coffee.

“I’ve told myself that if it ever gets to that then I’m leaving him even if it means the family business is lost for good.” I told Harry.

“Well I do hope you leave him but I hope its not for that reason.” Harry said to me before placing his coffee down on the table and facing me fully.

“Oh really?” I smirked at him and followed his actions to face him.

“Yeah.” He smiled at me as we leaned closer together. Before I knew it we were making out on his couch, both of us shirtless. My mind started to think about what I was actually doing. He told me he wanted to actually find a girl not just fuck and ditch. And for some odd reason I didn’t want to be just a girl he fucked and ditched, I knew with my wedding tomorrow that we could never be more than friends but I’d be happy with him just being my friend. I placed my hands on his chest as I gained the courage to turn him away. Pushing strong enough he got the idea and our lips detached. Instantly I wanted the feeling his lips gave me back, the slight tingle and the uneven breathing, but I had to stay strong and not let him affect me.

“I… We… We can’t do this. Heck I really want to do this… You said it yourself you were looking for a girl to be with full time and I just… I can’t be that girl.” I sighed thankful I got through that. He nodded in understanding and went to get up but I pulled him back to me, just wanting to have him to cuddle with.


“Alright… Lets just stay friends yeah?” He asked me as he wrapped his arms around me on the couch.

“I’d like that, a lot.” I replied honestly and snuggled into his chest. This was the one thing I couldn’t do with Sean, he hated any kind of affection. The only time we’ve ever had sex or shared kisses is when we’re both drunk.


We stayed silent for a while just enjoying each others company. “So you know what I do for a living… What about you?” Harry asked breaking the peaceful silence.

“I study History and Politics at Oxford. But on Thursday nights I have a night class for Art.” I replied to him. I tried to stop the yawn that was iching to happen but I failed.

“Lets go to bed.” He said as he stood up from the couch and held his hand out for me. I nodded my head and grabbed a hold of his hand. He pulled me along to his bedroom and passed me a shirt of his to put on. Without any hesitation I stripped myself of my skirt and placed the shirt over the top. I looked up at him and saw he was only in his boxers. I couldn’t help but stare at the sight in front of me. Why couldn’t I have met him before all of this happened? Before I was properly engaged to Sean. I could have run away with Harry and not given any thought about my parents.

“Like what you see?” He smirked at me. I nodded shyly and he placed his arms out to me. Cautiously I walked towards him, as soon as I was in arms reach he pulled me into a tight hug. It felt so warm and comfortable. A second later he picked me up in his arms and threw me onto the bed, me squeeling in the process. He turned the lights off, came back over to me and then climbed over me to get to the other side of the bed.


“What time do I set the alarm?” He asked me.

“Why would I need an alarm?” I was confused.

“You know so you are not late for your own wedding.” He said. My smile dropped from my face. “Oh. Uh… 9am will be fine.” I told him. I heard him messing around with something, most likely the clock, and then he pulled the covers over us both. I couldn’t relax now that I was thinking of the dreaded wedding. I guess Harry could sense this somehow so he pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around my waist. Instantly I relaxed at his touch and drifted off to sleep.

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