The hunger games

District1 jack 14 rose 15
District2 Liam 16 elonor 14
District3 Harry 16 becky 12
District4 Haley 11 Kyle 14
District5 Hannah 13 Louis 15
District6 sparck 12 Zane 10
District7 dawn 14 Jacob 16
District8 dust 13 zac 15
District9 prim 15 luck 10
District10 Laklynn 15 Jordan 16
District11 jazz 13 Ben 14
District12 foxy 10 Niall 13


4. Louis?

I run off the fieald I look back and see the girl make a run for it and 4 of the boys going after her I neka nize the guy that stood back its .... Louis? He looks At me and looks over my shoulder and says "RUN!!!"


i look behind me to see 4 boys running my way I tern and run its getting dark and I see smoke rising a far way away the 4 boys yell "get her Louis" Louis looks at me then the unexpected comes


he kisses me?



nod you guys like it?

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