Main people:

Name: Tayla (Rose) James
Gender: female
Likes: best friends, being a survivor and puddles.
Dislikes: Hobos. Clowns and animal abuse.

Name: Niky (Rose) James
Gender: Female
Likes: cats, daggers, blood and gore.
Dislikes: Frogs, puddles and animal abuse.


1. Confusing Zayn trouble

Tayla's POV,

Hello, I'm Tayla, I'm 16 years old, born on May 6th, I live in London with my best friend Niky

We have the same last name it's pretty strange I know, me and Niky live together, my parents abandoned me here when I was 11, I am now 16.

After they left me I started living with Niky,

This is my life now.


"Tayla!" Niky yelled  "yah?" I said loudly, "help me with breakfast!" Niky yelled out loudly to me, "What... No." I yelled out to her. I slightly heard Niky whisper the word 'fine' to herself, I didn really care. She called out to me I ran out to the kitchen, got my bowl of coco pops, then I got my spoon and had a little bit. Then I realised something weird. "Uhhh... Niky what's bubbly part?" She laughed loudly, my jaw dropped then I said "seriously Niky?" Then we both laughed together. I ran out to the bathroom to where the sink is then I started washin my mouth until... 'BANG!" I think I heard a gun, "What the hell was that?!?!" Niky shouted , "I...I don't know." I yelled out, my legs were trembling with fright. I went out to the living room, we opened them door then went outside.  We saw this shallow skinned man that was really boney, I think the zombie apocalypse is happening, last week there was warning on the news, we didn't believe it till now, I can't believe this is happening. We ran back inside to see Harry and Louis from One Direction, "Louis thank god you're okay, oh and Harry!" Niky said grinning "Hey." Louis said smiling at Niky, "Hi." Harry said with his sexy British accent. "I'll go get something for you two to eat!" I said grinning "I'll help." Harry said kindly, "thank you." I said to Harry thankfully. We heard something again, "Did you hear that?" Harry said wide eyed.

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