Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


22. Wedding day

Alexis pro

   Today is the day! Of my wonderful wedding! After today I will have a wonderful husband and nothing will break that up! I'm in the dressing area and I already have my dress on and heels and earrings. Chloe is doing my makeup and Allison is doing my hair into a bun. Julie is making sure the cake is in its place and everything. I'm finally done and all of the girls jump up and down in excitement! I smile and laugh. Then before I know it a knock on the dressing room door. I ask, "who is it?" Then I hear a response, "it's Harry, it's finally time to start!" He walks in and I stand up and he says, "wow you look beautiful! I can't wait to see nialls reaction! I'm glad you to are together but now it's time to start!" I smile and he wraps his arms around mine and before I know it he is walking me down. 

Niall pro

   She is beautiful! I love her and this is the best moment of my life! She has her vail over her face and I can't wait until she finally reaches over here all the way!

  Alexis pro

     Before I know it Niall finally grabs my hand and Harry lets go and stands next to the boys. Two small children come with our wedding rings and stand next to us. The preist asks a few question and with everyone we say I do. Then we finally put the rings on each other then the preist says, "you may kiss the bride." Niall lifts my vail up and puts his hand against my waist and I put mine around his neck and our lips meet! It's a very sweet, tender kiss with lots of meaning! We finally stop then the wedding goes on with us and lots of he boys, and they're families drinking. Then the wedding ends unfortunately and Niall drives me back to the house. W run inside and upstairs into the bedroom! We lay on the bed and Niall is on top of me and were kissing! Then I let him pull of my dress and everything else! This is really gonna happen, but I want it to! I take of his Hirt and pants and were both under the blanket of he bed, naked as he is kissing me, then he looks at me as I wrap my legs around him, he asks, "are you sure?" I nod my head and smile. Then he enter, but it doesn't hurt as much as when I was raped. Well he isn't doing it really hard so it shouldn't hurt that much. We kiss and kiss then we fall asleep and I'm all curled up with my head on his chess and his arms around my waist.

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