Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


7. Secrets

Chapter 7. Secrets

Niall pro,.... 

   Alexis went up to the room to get ready and go to bed. The boys run up to me and Harry says, "Is Alexis alright? It's on the news of what happened to her!" I shake my head no and say, "no she is terrified and in pain. We just need to give her some space right now." They nod their heads and we all go and sit on the couch. A hour has passed and I go upstairs to check on her. She is just sitting on the bed with her pajamas on. I look at her and sit next to her, I gently put my hand over hers, trying to confort her. I can tell she Is tired so I scoot closer to her and let her rest on my shoulder. Then we both lay down and her head moves to my chest. I wrap my arms around. I want her to know she is safe in my arms, I think I'm in love with her. Morning comes quickly and I look over at the beautiful sleeping Alexis. I felt so bad for her, I'm not going to let her out of my sight ever again! She flutters her eyes open and we both sit up. Then she says, "i'm going to go freshen up and get dressed." I let her go out of my arms and I say, "me to." 

Alexis pro

  I go and take a shower and get dressed. I just put on a pink t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. I step out of the bathroom and Niall is already waiting for me. I hope I'm not bothering Niall at all with me being here. Then I could tell something is bothering Niall by the way he looks at me. So then I ask, "what's the matter?" He looks into my eyes and says, "well I've been wanting to know if you knew that man and woman from last night?" I lower my head and look at the ground and whisper, "yes." Then his eyes widen and he asks, "who were they?" I look to the side and say, "my birth parents." I look at the expression on his face and he looks like he feels bad for me. Then I say, "it was a accident my mom, Rachel ever had me. My dad, Jeff didn't want me either. So they usually just beated me. Rachel usually just laughed At it, they even beated me as I was a child." Niall looks at me and I look up into his eyes and he whispers, "your safe here with me." He comes closer and closer and I'm not moving away because I think I'm in love with him. We get really close then our lips meet. It feels like a zap just went through my body to my heart and it made it skip a beat. It was a long gentle kiss that I will never forget. It ends and we hold hands and walk downstairs. We see the boys already downstairs on the couch. The minute it i go down there they all look at me. Harry jumps up and randomly Hugs me. It feels good though knowing that all these people care about me. He lets go and looks into my eyes. Niall pulls me away though and we go and sit on the couch with his arm around me.

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