Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


1. Running away

Chapter 1. Running away

Alexis prologue


       I feel like crying right now I want my parents to stop beating me! They hurt me nonstop, they don't let me have friends, I don't even go to school anymore! Will this ever end or will I just end up committing suicide? I lay on the ground as my dad, jeff is kicking me in the face, and my mom, Rachel is just laughing at it! My dad is kicking me with his steeled toe boots on! It hurts like hell! I don't want to be on earth anymore! I'm only 18 I don't deserve to be treated like this! Jeff finally stops and him and Rachel go into their bedroom, and obviously their drunk. I stand up and go into the bathroom and look into the mirror I have a huge bruise on the side of my jaw. This is my chance to escape out of the living room window! I head for the window and I hear Jeff come out of their bedroom! I jump out the window, good thing it is only like two feet from the ground! As I hit the ground I hear Jeff yell, "ALEXIS GET YOUR ASS BACK UP HERE NOW!" I hear that and I run away from the house. It's hard to see outside since it's dark out but then I hear stomping footsteps behind me and I run faster! I eventually find a tree and climb up it. I look out from the tree I'm in and I see Rachel and Jeff run past me not even noticing where I am. I start crying, not loud though since they could possibly here me then. I cry myself to sleep and before I know it, it's sunrise. I wake up to the sound of whispering in my ear. I open up my eyes and see a blonde boy in the tree right in front of me! It startled me and I fall from the tree but the boy catches me in time. I'm in his arms and right away he asks, "are you ok my love?" I notice  he has a heavy Irish accent. I stutter and say, "umm sir." He gazes into my eyes and immediately i look away.  I realize I'm still in his arms but he puts me back to the ground. He lifts up my chin slightly with his soft fingers and looks at my bruised jaw.  

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