Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


23. Not married and pregnant

Alexis pro

  A few months past and lots have happened in these few months! Louis is dating Julie, and they share a room. Also Chloe is dating Zayn, and she moved here and shares a room with him. I'm so happy I'm married to Niall! I'm Mrs.Horan now! All the sudden Allison runs down the stairs where everyone is at exept Harry, he went to get a hair cut. Then she yells, "I.....IM PREGNANT!" Me and Julie jump out of our seats and I hug Allison! You and Harry should get married after you have the baby! She nods her head fast then I hear Louis laugh and say, "geeez you guys aren't even married and Harry fucked you already!" Everyone starts laughing and. Allison face turns bright red. Then Allison just says, "oh shut up Louis, you want to do the same exact thing to your girlfriend!" Then his face turned red and Allison says, "ha that what I thought." I'm so excited to Allie, I wonder if it'll be a boy or girl? She still has to tell Harry. Then in perfect timing Harry walks in the door.  Then Allison walks over to him and whispers, "can I talk to you privately." He nods his head in confusment as she drags out onto the back porch.

 Allie pro

   I drag Harry out to the back porch so I can't tell him the news. I turn around and look at him, he still looks confused. Then I say, "Harry I love you, and I'm..... Pregnant!" Harry's face is priceless. But is he happy? Then he picks me up in the air an twirls me around, yep he's happy! Then he says, "that's wonderful babe! We're adding another member to the family!  This family is growing quick. Just wait, I'm sure Niall and Alexis will have a kid eventually, even maybe Louis and Julie, and Chloe and Zayn!" I nod my head in excitement as Harry is saying this then I say,"Alexis said that after I have the baby we should get married!" Then Harry says, "it's a plan then." I jump back into his arms and he presses his lips against mine. I know how Alexis feels to love Niall as much as I love Harry! I walk back into the house with Harry holding my hand. Then Alexis asks me, "so when the six months come up, are you gonna find out if its boy or girl, or are you gonna let it be a surprise?" Then I look at Harry and we both say, "surprise!" She nods her head then says," ok so when you have the baby shower eventually, you'll probably have green and yellow colors since you don't know if its boy nor girl." 

8 months later

  Allison pro

   I'm due for labor any day this week! We used the guest bedroom as an nursery for the new baby. I already had the baby shower. Everyone got me its of stuff for the baby. I have a crib n there instead of that bed. And the closet had green and yellow color clothes all in it. I got a car seat for him/her. I'm so excited for the new arrival!

2 days later

   Allison pro

I'm walking down stairs then all the sudden I have contraction! But they're 15 seconds apart and I can't go to the hospital unless they're two seconds apart. I tell Harry he nods his head and jut says, "just wait it'll get there!" A while passes and they're finally two seconds apart and I'm going into labor!  Harry takes me to the hospital and the other guys are in the car behind us! We get there and immediately I get to a hospital room. Everyone else waits outside but Harry is sitting in he chair next to me. I hen get put into a hospital gown on and the doctor says, "ha your lucky, your going into labor faster than most women do. Here take some pain medicine for when it's time to push." It's liquid medicine so I take it and swallow that nasty stuff and hand the small cup back to the doctor. Then he says, "wow it's time already!" The pain medicine starts to kicks in already and I feel all numbness. Then he says, "ok it's ten inches now spread out your legs and in 3....2....1 PUSH!" I push hard and I scream a little bit but it doesn't hurt that bad since I took medicine.  Then I hear the doctor yell, "the head is out!" Harry is grabbing my hand looking straight into my yes the whole time to comfort me. But it doesn't hurt that much all I feel is a little tugging. Then the doctor yells, "push harder!" I do as I'm told and I push. Then he yells, "WE JUST NEED THE LEGS NOW!" I push once more than I hear a cry. But it's not mine, it'smy beautiful   baby! Harry got to cut the ambuluken cord! Then the doctor takes my sweet baby and takes it to a nursery I'm guessing. 



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