Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


21. More wedding planning

Alexis pro

   So then Allie says, "ok so Harry will walk down with you. The other boys will just stand next to Niall." We all nod our heads and then before we know it there is a knock at the front door! Allison yells, "I'll get it!" But I run up to! We both open it and it's Julie! We hug her and then we see Chloe behind her. Ha what a coincidence they came at the same time! Chloe is beutiful! She has long wavy blonde hair, and sparkly blue eyes! She is wearing a cute mint colored dress with black high heels! Julie is pretty to though! She has long brown hair with blonde high lights! She has brown eyes just like me and Allison. She is wearing a blue crop top, with a pair of skinny jeans. Me and Allison let them come inside and we lead them to the table. Chloe isn't shy at all, she gets right down to business! She brought pictures of different wedding cakes she can make. As me and Niall are deciding she is talking to Zayn. They seem to really get along well! Me and Niall finally pick out a 3 layerd cake with a sweet vanilla coating, and it has pretty white flowers spread up on it. We decide then Julie says, "ok we need a date for when the wedding is!" Me and Niall think and talk and then we decide in 3 weeks! I'm so excited for the best moment of my life! We figure out the date and then Chloe says, "ok it's still only 4 o'clock, us girls are gonna go shopping for decorations and Alexis's wedding dress! And what we're gonna wear also! You boys should go shopping for your clothes to!" They all nodded then me, Allie, Julie, and Chloe all head out to go shopping. On the way to the store we talked about my past and I got to know Chloe more! She is quite girly, but really nice! We finally get to the store and it is a store only for women's wedding dresses! We go in and I look through all the different wedding dresses! I find the one I want, it's beautiful! It's is a long white dress that has a vail that goes over your face. I try it on and I step out of the dressing room. I also found a pair of high heels, and white dangle earrings! I show the girls and they jump up and down in excitement.We pick out our dresses, pay, then go to a wedding decorations store! We all pick out Bunches of stuff, then Chloe says, "it's like a royal wedding!" I laugh and nod my head in agreement. We get home and put all of the stuff in a huge walk in closet that nobody uses. We go and relax and sit on the couch. I'm so excited I wish I could skip all this time and go directly to the wedding! I'm 18 just old enough to get married to. Ahhhhh I'm so freaking excited! The boys get home and put there stuff away and come sit on the couch with us. Harry cuddled up with Allie and Niall cuddled up with me of course! The whole time Zayn we staring at Chloe, it reminds me of a puppy begging for food! Then Chloe once every while glances over at Zayn. They would be such a cute couple! Allison finally goes into the kitchen with Harry and they write little invitations. Allibought a bunch of wedding invitation cards when we shopping. Thy write them all out then go to the mail box and send them. 3 days pass and me, Julie, Allie, and Chloe find a place where the wedding will be at. It's outdoor, thank god it's gonna be a summer wedding! We finally get home and before I know it, it's the day before the wedding! All the boys except Niall are setting up for tomorrow. Me and the girls go and get are hair done. Before I know it it's he next day! 

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