Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


3. Meet my mates

Chapter 3. Meet my mates

Alexis pro

      After a while of him walking with me in his arms we finally stopped at a big tan house. He put me down when we were in front of the door step. He opened the door and he walked inside, I was unsure of what to do so I just stood outside the door. As he finally realized I wasn't following him he turned around and gestures his head for me to come in. I take two steps inside and I see four other boys running down the stairs as if they were 5 years old. They all practically jumped up on top of that boy just messing around. I finally just realized I don't know that boys name. I don't know any of them actually! They all turn to me and the blonde one begins to speak, "I almost forgot, I'm Niall! Oh and these foolish boys are my mates, they are, Louis, zayn, Harry, and Liam!" The four others boys looked at me and said, "well nice to meet you!" I just nodded my head. Then I realize they were looking at me and I realize I haven't said my name! So then I stutter and say, "oh... Umm my name is Alexis." They laugh for a second but then Niall gives them a evil stare and they stop and just smile at me. Then I laugh for a second since Niall gave them that look. Then Niall grins and says, "Yay! First time you laughed or smiled!" I nod my head and then he walks up to me. As he walks up to me my heat starts beating faster and faster and I don't know why. Then Niall grabs both of my hands and says, "listen Alexis you may have just met us but you don't need to be shy around us! Think of us as like your brothers! Your safe here from whatever you were running from, please stay here with us!" I smiled and nod my head slowly. Even though I did just meet them I did feel safe around them, excpecially Niall for some reason

Niall pro

         Yay she said yes! I turn around for the boys opinion on it and they all just nodded their heads. Then I look at her and say, "well looks like you'll be living with us!" Oh I forgot we don't have Any extra rooms! As I'm thinking that she says. " thank you for letting me stay her Niall! But is something wrong? I look at her and say, "well I forgot we don't have any extra rooms." She looks up into the air as if she is thinking and says, " Well I can sleep on the couch or floor." I look at her like she is crazy, she can't sleep there i would feel to bad. Then I say, " I couldn't possibly let you sleep anywhere but a bed!" Then I hear Harry laugh and say, "Well problem solved you to can share a bed! Hahaha!" I can see Alexis blushing, then she looks at the ground and says, "your choice Niall." I look at her and say, "Why not!" Then Harry stutters and says, " Wha...t dude I... Was joking!...... Lucky...." We all laugh and I show Alexis to our room. It feels weird saying our room but I got to admit I like it a little bit! Me and her walk and immediately she says, "nice room." I just say, "it's nothing much." " haha omg is that like a little patio going out from your bedroom?!" "Haha it sure is!" "Can I go out on it?!" "Of course!" Then she runs out on it at the edge of the railing. I go out with her as I'm standing right next to her I look at her. Her hair is blowing in a very graceful way. It's beautiful how her eyes look as she can see most of the city from where we were. She looks at me and says, " this is the best view ever!" "Haha it is pretty, isn't it." Me and her finally look at her sharing a gaze. I feel the sudden urge to kiss her right now! I can't though she would think I'm some sort of creepy stalker.


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