Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


10. Is this really happening?

Chapter 10. Is this really happening?

niall pro

  after me and Alexis got freshened up I say to her, "you know Alexis, if I ask you to be my girlfriend will you?" She smiles that beautiful smile and nods her head.  Then I smile and say, "you do know you never told me your last name." She looks at me and says, "oh umm it's renne, Alexis Renne." I smile at her and say, " miss Renne will you be my girlfriend?" She grins and says, "of course mr Horan!" We laugh and she kisses me on the cheek! Wow It felt like a zap when she did that! I almost fell I think, I don't know, I'm to day dreamy to pretend to act smart right now. We hold hands and walk downstairs and eat breakfast with the boys. We go and eat breakfast with them and as we sit down I say, "I have an anounment to make!" But then Harry stands up and says, "actually I have one to!" I look at him and say, "well you can go first mate." Harry looks at Alexis and says, "Alexis will you be my one and only girlfriend?" What the fuck, she is my girl! Then I speak up and say, "umm Harry..." Then Alexis says, "sorry Harry, you  may be sweet and all but Niall was just about to say I'm his girlfriend!" Harry is standing there like a moron with a really ticked off sad kind of face. Then he leaves us and goes outside. 

Alexis pro

  I feel bad for Harry, maybe I'll go talk to him. I look at Niall and say, "I'm gonna go talk to him." Niall looks at me fast and says, "no!" I kiss him on the cheek and say, "I'll be ok." Then I go into the big backyard with a lake, and he is on the bridge of the lake. I go and stand next to him and he says, "I'm sorry." I look at him and he looks at me and I say, "you didn't know, you don't have to be sorry for anything." "But I liked you right when I first saw you! I still.... Do." "Harry you'll find a beautiful girl one day, I know it." "Maybe, but none like you." I can't help but blush "you even blush Alexis!" Then he kisses me! But I pull awa real fast and run into the house. Niall stand up as soon as he sees me. Then he says, "is everything alright?" I nod my head slowly.

niall pro

  I know she is lying so that harry doesn't get in trouble! Her face is really red and she is really sweaty and panicky. I could tell she was running! What hell did Harry do! I swear I'm gonna kick his ass! 

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