Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


19. I love you

Alexis pro

  does Niall really want to spend the rest of his life with me? I do to, but does he actually really mean it? He sounded like he meant it. Im sure he meant it, I get out of the bath and put on new clothes. I feel much better! I go downstairs to where everyone is at, they all try to be nice by acting like nothing ever happened. I don't say anything, I just sit on the couch and watch tv with everyone. The louis yells, "Ok then.... I can't take the silence anymore! We need to have fun!" I nod my head and say, "yep! But what should we do?" Everyone starts thinking. Then I say, "umm me and Allie need to get a drink!" I grab Allison and pull her into the kitchen. Then I say, "there's a bucket on the floor over there, grab it!" She does as she is told then asks, "what ate we doing?" Then I say. "Ok fill the bucket up ith water, were going out onto the back porch and then were gonna scream and when they come into the back porch we'll poor the water on them!"  She nods in excitement and fills up the bucket with water. We go into the back porch which is connected to the kitchen. We go out and stand out side of the door to the side of the wall. We hold up the bucket. Then I say, "ok scream in 3....2....1 now! We both scream so loud it hurt my ears! All the boys run out and we dump he bucket of water on them! Me and Allie are laughing histaricaly. Then they all start chasing us! And Niall picks up me, and Harry picks up Allie. Then they throw us in the lake! It's so cold! I'm shivering, it's so freaking cold, they got us back good! Then I slowly get out and my teeth are chattering. Harry helps Allie out and puts his arm around her and walks with her inside the house. Niall wraps his arms around me then kisses me! It's such a wonderful kiss! Now I know he did meant he loved me. He then says, "Alexis I have to do something." 

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