Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


4. Falling

Chapter 4. Falling

    Harry pro....

  That girl Alexis is beautiful I can tell that Niall likes her. He has been around her all day today and she only just came today! He is lucky he gets to sleep in the same bed with her. Well Niall is such a gentlemen he wouldn't kiss her or anything for a while anyway. Well if he likes her I should respect that. I just wish I could have a real relationship with a girl like Alexis!

Alexis pro

  it's getting late and I'm tired, Niall looks tired to haha! I yawned really loud then Niall says, "if its ok with you do you want to go to bed?" I nodded my head and already started to fall asleep outside but I woke up real fast when Niall picked me up and carried md to our room. Even when he is so tired he is so strong! We got up to the room and he sat me up on the bed. Immidiatly I realized I didn't have anything to sleep in so I said, "Niall I don't have anything to sleep in." "Oh well I can give you one of my t-shirts." He gave me one and I went into the bathroom and the shirt was like a night gown on me! He was wearing some sweats and no shirt. We got into bed back to back. Then I turned to him and he turned to me and he whispers in my ear, "your safe here." I smile and he puts his arms around me and we cuddle up with my head on his warm chest and fall fast asleep. Finally it's sunrise and Niall still seems to be asleep. I open my eyes and look up at his face, and he looks so cute even when he is asleep. I don't know why I keep looking in to his eyes. I also don't know why I keep getting this feeling like my heart is going to explode of happiness. I mean he is only just trying to be nice to me, he doesn't like me. He seem like a gentleman so he must comfort girls a lot. I finally sit up on the bed with my eyes half open. Then I look at him and he opens his gorgeous blue eyes. He doesn't say anything, he just smiles at me. Then he sits up and says, "Alexis I've been thinking last night when you fell asleep, will you ever tell me what your running away from?" I look at him thinking to myself I don't want to tell him. I want to leave that all behind me. I say instead, "I don't Niall." He just nods his head and then bolts out of bed and says, "I think Harry Is cooking breakfast! Get your clothes on from yesterday, then after breakfast we'll go shopping!" I just laugh at his love for food and go into the bathroom across from our room and take a shower, get my stupid ragged clothes on, and curl my hair. I step out of the bathroom and Niall is already waiting for me right next to the bathroom door. I step out of the bathroom and immediately he says, " I'll beat you down to the kitchen!" He starts running and so do I. Geeze he is freaking fast, we run down the stairs and into the kitchen, of course he beat me to the kitchen but it was still fun trying. We sit down at the dining table with the rest of the boys. Then zayn says, "Alexis you'll never beat Niall anywhere when it comes to food." We all laugh and then Louis sarcastically says, "no really!" We laugh some more and I choke a little. Then Niall stands up and says, "oh let me go get you a glass of water." As he stands up and goes into the kitchen Louis says, "oooooooh!" I look at him as if I was saying what? Then Liam looks at me and says, "it's kind of obvious he has feelings for you! He never leaves the table for a girl, for any reason, when it comes to him eating food." I look at him and say,"he was being nice, for peat sake I was choking!" Then Louis says as he's laughing, " oh so is that why you guys share a bed haha!"

Niall pro

   I already got her water but I'm kind of ease dropping on their conversation. I should probably go in though since she shouldn't feel uncomfortable with that topic. I mean I was just trying to be nice by giving her water. I finally walk in and their conversation goes away. I look at Louis and say, "so what were you guys talking about?" He looks at me and says, "umm.....that we should..... Go out to eat later on tonight!" I look at him with a serious face then say, "Sure why not!"  

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