Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


11. Ex friends

Chapter 11. Ex friends 

Louis pro

   Everybody has been really quite today, well basically just Niall, Alexis, and Harry. It was kind of awkward when Niall was about to make that announcement of him dating Alexis but then Harry said he liked her. I don't handle awkward situations very well. I usually will burst out laughing, make a joke, or a stupid comment. I'm am very proud of myself for not doing that this time. I noticed nobody has had a good laugh lately, it's really depressing! 

Zayn pro

   Woah what the fuck just happened? This is happening all at once, to much drama for me to handle. So I'm not gonna even get involved. I should just gives everyone some space right now for the stress to slip away. 

Liam pro

   I can see why Harry like Alexis but he really doesn't need to be such an ass to his best friend. I mean I looked out he window and saw what happened. Why on earth does he think it is ok to kiss his best friends girlfriend right after they announce their dating! I mean that is just really gay, and mean, and selfish, exc....

Niall pro

 Harry better not come by me for like 2 years! Or I might just knock his teeth down his fucking player, betrayal throat! I just Need to calm down, Alexis is down stairs sitting with the boys and Harry Is at the mall... AWAY FROM ALEXIS! I go down stairs and hope that Louis all makes us laugh with a joke or something. I sit down on the couch next to Alexis and the boys are on the other couch right next to us. Then immediately Louis yells/sings like a dying cat, "just call me  MAYBE! Oh hey sexy I really need you!, SO CALL ME MAYBE!, I think." We all starts laughing at his randomness and then him, Zayn, and Liam try to do a cheer leading pyramid. Louis get on top of their backs but then they all fall down. Me and Alexis start laughing historically! I'm laughing just watching her laugh and her face turn bright red. She finally calms down and Louis looks at her with a I'm gonna get you in trouble look and says, "I bet you couldn't hold your stance on the top of the pyramid on Zayn and Liam's back!" She looks at him and just smiles a really, adorable but suspicious smile. She perfects the pyramid and doesn't move a inch, she doesn't even look like she is struggling one bit. Then I pick her up out of the pyramid and lay her on the couch and start kissing her. I hear Louis say, "yuck really dude get a room!" Then I stand up and just go sit on the couch. Then Zayn says really loud as him and Liam are getting up from the floor, "lets go to the beach!" We all jump up with excitement! Excpecially Alexis, she ran right up to our room, probably to get her swim suit on. 

Alexis pro

  I really like water and swimming! I'm not an expert like my cousin Allison but I still enjoy doing it! I head straight for my bathing suit then I go into the bathroom, it's a bikini, with the top like a aqua color and it looks like it shines, and the bottoms match what it looks like on the top. I let my hair flow down instead of a bun, it looks a tad sexier! I put some clothes on top of it which is just a pink crop top and a pair of shorty shorts. I look into the mirror and realize my ugly bruise is gone, Hip hip hurray! I get out of the bathroom and Niall is wearing a white shirt and swim trunks that are basically just black, but still so hot! Niall looks at me and says, "can you just give me a quick sneak pick?!" I laugh and say, "wait till the beach, aren't you as inpatient as ever today!" We pack 5 towels one for me, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. We get to the beach and right when we get there we grab our stuff from the trunk of the car and go into the sand and lay out our towels. Then Niall looks at me and says, "umm Alexis the dick is behind you." Then Niall stands up and I look behind me and see Harry! Harry looks at him then at me and says, "Niall before you slap me I just wanted to say, Alexis I'm sorry for what I did outside, the kiss. And your right ill find another girl. Niall I'm sorry to she's all yours." Niall looks at me then at Harry and says, "you kissed her? Ok I need to calm down, Harry just don't do it again, and you can hang out with us on the beach!" Harry just nods his head and smiles.




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