Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


20. Engaged!

Alexis pro

   I stood there in confusment. What does he have to do? He then stands in front of me and get on his knees! Oh my fucking god is he? He then pulls out a small silver box out of his pocket! Omg!!!!! He then opens in and he says, "Alexis I love you! Will you marry me?" I put my hands on my mouth trying not to scream. I nod my head so much and he stands up and I jump into his arms then he puts the ring on my finger. Then he says, "your mine! And I love you! I want to be with you forever!" I whisper, "I love you to, I feel the same way!" Then are lips touch again and it's so  just right. I love him so much! We hold hands and finally walk into the house. Then Louis says loudly as we walk in, "why are you to so happy!" Then Niall grabs my hand,  the one with my ring on it and lifts it up for everyone to see! Their mouths drop dead open and Allison runs up to me and hugs me! I whisper into her ear and say, "Allie I've never been this happy in my life!" She replys by saying, "I know I'm happy for you to! Oh and me and Harry are officially dating! I already moved into his room! We jump up and down in excitement! Then Louis acts like a preppy girl and says, "oh my goooodness we have to get all of the wedding preperations!" We all laugh and then Allie says very commanding, "ok we'll start talking in the morning about it!" We all go to bed and before I know it, it's morning! After a while we're all down stairs at the table. Allison is like the head boss. Then she stands up and says, "Ok I have two other girls that are gonna be coming to help us! We only have one guest bedroom so I set up one of the other girls to live in a apartment! And lexie one of the girls is Julie our cousin!" I squeal and then she says, "she is gonna be living in th guest bedroom since I moved out of it! She is coming over all the way from Florida! And the other girl is my best friend! Her name is Chloe! She is very good at designing stuff! She is also brilliant at cooking! So she will be stayin at the apartment! They arrive this afternoon!" Them Louis says, "geeez you plan really fast!" She ignores him and then says, "ok the things we will need to figure out is, decorations, invitations,food and wedding cake who will me Nialls best man and who will walk down with Alexis when her entry comes up! We need to figure that out first. Me, Julie, and Chloe will be the brides maids of course! So Niall who do you want to be your best man, that will stand next to you the whole time?" Allison grabs  a paper and pen. Then he points to louis. Louis smiles in excitement. Then Allison looks at me and says, "since you don't really have a dad to do it who do you want to walk down with?" Then I think about it and I say, "Harry." He looks at me with shock.


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