Starting over

You Alexis renne are running away from your life hoping to start over when you finally meet a handsome blond Irish boy named Niall! Will you fall in love or will your past hurt your realationship? Find out by reading this action love story today!


2. Don't judge a book by it's cover

Chapter 2. Don't judge a book by its cover

Niall pro...


     I look at her bruise and that is no normal falling down bruise. I fell bad for this gorgeous young lady. She actually looks like around my age though. I remove my hands from her bruise and ask, "may I ask how you got such a awful bruise?" She looks at me and says, "I.... Fell down the stairs as I was running." I know she was lying but I didn't want to make her upset. So then I ask, "running, from what?" She looks at me with a afraid face and she looks at the ground. I felt bad asking her something I probably shouldn't of. I do wonder why she was sleeping in a tree. I gaze into her eyes again and see how beautiful she looks. She has long brown hair and shining brown eyes! Even though she didn't have the best clothes on she was still stunning! Then I ask, "why were you in a tree anyway and not a nice home?" She looks at me and stands up all the way and says, " well..... I don't have a home." I look at her with disbelief but she nods her head as if she was saying she wasn't joking. Even with that bruise and ragged clothes she is gorgeous!  Then she says, " Well I'll be leaving now."  She begins to walk away but I slightly grab her shoulder and turn her around. I then say, "I couldn't possibly let you just roam the streets! Please let me take you somewhere!" She slightly nods her head and I pick her up and start walking.

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